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Thursday January 24th 2019



Community Garden a hit with Public at Garage Sale

The rain cooled off the heat in Shell Knob but no one received much of it. Seventies are better than 90’s. This last weekend toasted every one that was on the lake. The garage/plant sale at the Methodist Church was a success with over 200 people attending. God bless them all. Our young healthy plants found good homes. We answered a lot of questions with regard to the purpose of having a Community Garden and were encouraged by those supportive of feeding our community. We are looking for more volunteers that enjoy working out of doors and sharing fellowship of others.Call the church for additional information.


Church enters your life through Gardening

Community Garden – He Walks and Talks With Me written by Terri Strack

Modern life is full of many wonders. Technological advances have made it possible for individuals to stay in touch with family and friends like never before. We can even ‘video chat’ with loved ones over great distances. I remember as a child seeing these technologies in movies and wondering if I would ever be able to do that. Now we can! Amazing!

As fantastic as these man made inventions are, and as useful as they indeed can be, they ultimately distance us from the wonders of God’s holy creation around us. In fact, while connecting us through distance technologically, they can ultimately isolate us from our friends and family, limiting the intimacy we were meant to have with one another through fellowship and communion.

Welcome to the Community Garden! Leave behind the stress and burdens of modern life and step into the glory of God’s wondrous creation! Working in the garden, you can literally spend hours without knowing time has passed. You become lost in earth, water, sun; planting and reaping cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, peppers, cabbage, squash and more! Learn from one another new techniques, share tips and teach children the skill needed to keep this fading skill alive for the future! Feel an absolute peace, surrounded by the very presence of Jesus and filled with the serenity of the Holy Spirit. Then there are hugs and conversations. Actual people meeting and speaking! Working in the sun, walking with the Son! Praise God!

The Garden gives back to the community by supplying fresh vegetables for the food pantry and providing bed space for those residents who would like to garden, but lack the space to do so. Volunteers are open heartedly welcome to come and participate in the garden in whatever capacity possible, or just to visit, watch, meditate. For more information contact Betty Ragland 417-846-6854 or


Kittens need Homes

 the Haven of the Ozarks Pets of the Week are kittens!  We  currently have a beautiful selection of friendly, happy babies who need to find their forever homes.  There are males and females of nearly every color.  They’re spayed or neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, wormed,and kept on flea medication before they go home.  The adoption fee of $75 is far less than the cost of their vet work.  It’s kitten season and there are so many babies in need of help.  We hope to get these cuties adopted quickly so we can bring in the next group in need of homes.  And please spay/neuter your own kitties to help cut down on the cat overpopulation problem!  We’d love to have you visit us 9-4 any day of the week or call 417-835-3647 for more information on adopting a new family member.


It starts early because there is so much STUFF! At CCU Methodist Church of Shell Knob


7 AM til 4 PM on Friday, June 15 and

Saturday 7 AM til Noon $3.00 baskets only

Harvest Community Plant Sale 

held at the front door of the church.

Over 50 varieties of plants ready to plant

on YY highway in Shell Knob 


Pirates Poker Run! Saturday June 16, 2018

Arrh mates – it’s time to hit the high seas and start pillaging booty for the boom boom! In simpler terms – The Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Pirate’s theme Poker Run on Saturday, June 16th to raise funds for our Fire & Thunder Fireworks display. Participating pirates will sail the water with a treasure map with designated dock stops to pick up their booty. Our sponsor is Carmelina’s at Kings River Marina. That is where we will all meet at the end of the day to turn in our “treasures”. The fun doesn’t end there. Carmelina’s will have the Southwest Connections Band out on the “plank” playing from 2 pm – 7 pm. Their “galley” will be open with many drink and food specials. For more information visit or call the office at 417-858-3300.


People’s Choice Awards-Classic Car Show

Thursday, June 28, 10 am til 1 pm 

Classic Car show

at the Central Crossing Senior Center

No registration Required enjoy a low cost dinning room

for further information call 417-858-6952



Central Crossing Senior Center Sponsoring An Ice Cream an Watermelon Social

Saturday, July 7th, 2018 at 6-8 pm

there will be a Seed Spitting Contest along with other entertainments.

A Free Will Donation for the ice cream and watermelon. Come join us at 20801 YY 15 RD. Shell Knob

Call for additional information 8586952



Memorial Day Merchants Review for Shell Knob plus Reading is for Leaders

So far I have made it through 5 businesses on the Plaza and the news has been VERY good.  Traffic was lively, comments overheard over the weekend were like;” I didn’t know Shell Knob had such nice stuff, etc.  I have been looking for one of these for two years and here it is. . .    This Harter’s is awesome, the people are so nice.”  So all of that is a good start on the summer. The new season’s SHELL KNOB T-Shirts are in at several stores and they are a knockout RED! The Chamber is getting us ready for the big mid-summer event, the FOURTH OF JULY. 

Last week PBS aired a three hour show on what to read this summer.  All with critiques of the authors, with pictures, and copies of their novels.  There was a list of 100 books.  Our hard working Library girls have located 30 of these for a start.  The complete list is on the center reading table. Or you can find it on the internet site. As these go out to be read the next 70 will be brought in.  By joining the Summer Reading program, “Libraries Rock” you can add these great novels to your personal enlightenment.  “REMEMBER LEADERS ARE LEADERS”, after you finish reading them;  THERE IS A PRIZE FOR THE PERSON WHO READS THE MOST BOOKS! 

Come in, sign up, and you may take home a new KINDLE by the end of summer.



Shell Knob is READY to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend!

Stores and businesses on Shell Knob’s Bridgeway Plaza are ready for this great Memorial Day weekend.  Just dropped by “Treasures Then and Now” and Cindy Hedgpeth, owner was excited about  new shipments of Retro, Weird Stuff and Cool Junk.  Now Cindy has a great sense of humor and a husband that can build wonderful stuff for your lake house. Bar’s, Tables, Chairs, storage pieces, and book cases are all over the store and downstairs for a shopper’s delight.  Tell Cindy I mentioned her on the and she will give you a piece of candy. . .that is, if I get down there with the candy. If they don’t have it then you don’t need it!  Phone # is 417-858-1113


Looking for a burger with really great meat, or a hot dog straight out of Chicago and some of the best fries around,  stop at Little Tommy’s on the north end of the Plaza.  I told Paula, Jeff’s mother, that the sign should say, “Our meat can’t be beat”  she just laughed!  But the sign didn’t change.


Pro’s Choice, the newest business on the Plaza owned by Steve Parrott and managed by Cliff Harmon are already busy responding to the fisherman’s needs by a fresh shipment of worms and other bait for the fisherman.  The place is filled with about anything you would want to drink, two huge ice machines and every piece of fishing gear that has ever been made!!! No Kidding!!  I saw them deliver it. . .the crates said,”Every piece of fishing gear in the WORLD.”  An added plus is that these two guys know how to talk  fish!  No kidding, I asked Cliff the other day in CARP “$%^^&&*$@%$^(” and he responded %%$$@^&*$%#!  #$$%^&# which is cheaper than anywhere else in the world! 417-858-1159


Realtor’s, Realtor’s. Realtor’s they are here and they are looking for what you are looking for. . .


You’all come back and see us sometime!

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Memorial Day weekend is almost here and many folks will be hitching up their boats and heading for the water.  But the Army Corps of Engineers advises boaters to first take some precautions.

Check out and service your trailer, boat, motor and other equipment.  After a winter of storage, this is a must.

Once you’re on the water, remember, warm spring days can be misleading.  The water is still very cold. If you fall from your boat, or your boat capsizes, you’re in for a shock, especially if you’re not wearing a life jacket.

Upon the initial plunge, the cold water takes your breath away.  Your muscles tense, and you may get painful cramps. With a life jacket, you can stay afloat and stay alive.  Without one, you may not be able to swim at all.

The Corps urges boaters to always wear a life jacket.  It is especially important this time of year when the water is deceptively cold. Remember, life jacket worn, nobody mourns.

For more boating safety times visit

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