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Monday December 11th 2017



More News from the Corps of Engineers


BRANSON, Mo. – Army Corps of Engineers officials remind those who would like to help clean up and burn debris around the shoreline left by flooding at Table Rock Lake that they must first contact the duty ranger for permit and instructions before burning anything on public land.  After obtaining the one time permit, residents may pile driftwood on the shoreline on public land adjacent to their property or dock and burn it.  Only loose, downed driftwood may be burned.  No standing vegetation should be cut and burned.  Heavy equipment is not allowed (i.e. bobcat, backhoe, tractor, etc.) on public land.  Also, prior to burning, your local fire department must be notified.

Burning on public land without permission is a violation of Title 36 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.  Title 36 outlines “Rules and Regulations Governing Public Use of Corps of Engineers Water Resources Development Projects” and helps protect the valuable natural resources on this public property.  

To receive a permit application contact the duty ranger at 501-340-1935, between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday or email  Permits will be available until Nov. 30.




Friday, Aug. 11th FOR week of (Aug. 16th –Aug. 23th)


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Wednesday, August 16th 10:30-12




Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome


Sausage, Bacon, Juice & Coffee

Saturday, August 19th 7:30-10


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Monday, August 21st 10:30 AM-1:00 PM

A notary will be available twice a month on Mondays


Susan Rauch

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Wednesday, August 23rd 11:45


Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary

The Haven of the Ozarks Pets of the Week are kittens once again!  We have even MORE babies ready for loving homes.  Our kittens are very friendly, outgoing, playful, and eager to find their families.  There are more than a dozen from which to choose…all colors and personalities just waiting for you.  Our shelter is fantastic and the babies love playing and snuggling together, but it’s still no place for cats to grow up.  They need real homes!  You can visit 9-4 any day of the week of call 417-835-3647 for more information.  Please remember that we’re a no kill shelter and can only save more stray pets when we make room through adoption!  When you choose a new best friend, you save a life at the same time.  What could be better?

Haven of the Ozarks 

9617 Farm Road 2190
Washburn  MO  65772
 Hours: 9am-4pm, 7 days a week
9am-Noon on Holidays

Shell Knob Public Library written by Jennifer Cochran

By: Jennifer Cochran

Jennifer Cochran, is a Branch Supervisor of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library system.  She says, ” My children enjoy reading as it has always been a priority in our family. I love working at the library and look forward to meeting my Shell Knob neighbors. ” Her hobbies are photography and her children’s sports.

                                               Shell Knob Public Library

News and Information

The Crochet class has been canceled.  If you are interested in learning to crochet, please contact the library and we will try to set up something again.

The Friends group is accepting  gently used books, dvds, cds, and audio books for their Eclipse Book Sale that will be held August 18th from 2-6 and August 19th from 8-1.  Books can be dropped off Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during Library hours at the lower level of the Library.

I am proud of the Shell Knob kids.  This summer, they beat their reading goal.  What a wonderful group of people enjoying the library and reading.  Good Job Shell Knob!


Story time

We will be hosting storytime starting in September.  More information coming soon.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library meet on the first Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. in the lower level of the Library.  Everyone is welcome.  

New Titles:


Love Story by Karen Kingsbury

Saints for all occasions by J. Courtney Sullivan

Indecent Exposure by Stuart Woods

A Hiss Before Dying by Rita Mae Brown

Beach Lawyer by Avery Duff


Boss Baby

Ghost in the Shell

The Circle

Pure Country: Pure Heart

Audio Book

Heartbreak Hotel by Jonathan Kellerman

Tempting Fate by Alissa Johnson

W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton


Public Response is needed to these questions! Don’t get mad! Take action with pen and paper! Your voice can be heard!

Table Rock Shoreline Management Plan Survey  Click here for important feedback response sheet on the Corps of Engineering plans

or complete the survey and send to the Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce. Copy the questions and put your answers in or on a separate piece of paper.

Table Rock Shoreline Management Plan Survey In order to develop a Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce response to the proposed Shoreline Management Plan, we would like your opinion on the following major points of the Plan:

1. Overall, do you support or approve the revised Plan?

2. The revised plan includes restrictions that will ultimately set a limit on the number of boats allowed on the lake by setting a maximum number of commercial and private dock slips, boat ramp parking spaces and dry dock spaces. The limit will allow an approximate 60% increase over what is presently available. Do you support or oppose this approach?

3. Do you support or oppose limiting the size of dock slips to 12’ x 30’?

4. Do you support or oppose the requirement to replace all electricity on private docks with an alternative power source (solar or wind) within ten years?

5. Do you support or oppose allowing new private dock permits with 1 to 20 slips?

6. Do you support or oppose disallowing no-wake buoys for private docks?

7. Do you support or oppose elimination of any new Commercial Remote Service Docks?

8. The vegetation restrictions will stay basically the same with some modification. Do you support or oppose the vegetation management restrictions?

9. Do you think the revised SMP will improve, hurt or have no impact on business in the Shell Knob area?

10. Do you think the revised SMP will increase, decrease or have no impact on property values around the lake?

11. Please make any other comments below con


Fun Weekend coming up !!



If you are interested in seeing the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday August 21, 2017 check this out

Written by Andy Anderson

Turkey Mountain Airport


Andy is an expert pilot and frequents our local Turkey Mountain Airport.  He  is sending this information for those that want a good view of the eclipse on the 25th. Getting close to any of these airports should make for a clearer view of the eclipse. 

I’m sure by now you are aware that on Monday, August 21 we will have to opportunity to witness something that most people will never see. A total Solar Eclipse will be visible across America’s Heartland. I will list the airports that are in the path of totality and have provided information. It is up to you to select the location that suites you and contact that airport for details. Some are charging for parking on the ramp, some have camping available, some have food available, some require advance reservations and some are having a full weekend of activities. Expect large crowds and congested airspace around these airports. Lots of good information here:

BTW, Don’t be looking at the eclipse without using the special ISO certified solar eclipse glasses.


Andy Anderson

Woodruff, SC – Triple Tree Aerodrome airport ID (SC00) A 3 day event meals and camping available for a fee read all about it @

Carbondale, Il – Southern Illinois Airport (KMDH) Many activities in connection with SI University. Ph: 618-453-1147

St. Joseph, MO – Rosecrans Memorial Airport (KSTJ) Lots of activities planned at airport including free lectures. Front Page Science will be conducting a huge public observing event at Rosecrans Memorial Airport in St. Joseph, Missouri. From there, you can experience 2 minutes and 39 seconds of totality, only 1 second short of the maximum time possible. Ramp fees will be charged. Event information:

Marshall, Missouri – Marshall Memorial Airport (KMHL) Lots of activities on Sunday and Monday camping available, you need to reserve a parking spot on the ramp in advance. Fees charged for parking and food. I have flyer and information sheet. FBO Phone:660-886-3320

Perryville, Missouri – Perryville Regional Airport (KPCD) Reservations requested phone: 573-517-2069

Perryville Regional Airport (KPCD) with its 2 minutes 40 seconds of totality is a prime Fly-In destination for any eclipse chaser or aviation enthusiasts. With a 7,000’ concrete runway this rural country airport is capable of welcoming multiple aircraft of various sizes but space is limited. Quietly situated in the Bois Brule Bottoms of Perry County near the Mississippi River it is surrounded by hundreds of acres of Missouri farmland. Just land, get out and experience the eclipse, celebrate with newfound science and aviation friends and then simply take back off to your next aviation adventure. Eclipse glasses, food, drink available on site. See our website for reservations or more information.  Don’t miss your opportunity to come to where the Sun and the Moon and the River meet!

Atchison, Kansas – Amelia Earhart Airport (K59) Eclipse-Aire-Fest. Lots of activities throughout the day.  The beginning of the eclipse should begin at 11:40 am, it will reach totality (total coverage) at 1:06pm.  We will have about 2 minutes and 19 seconds of total darkness. Visit website for information and reservations:  Phone: 913-367-5249

Bonne Terre, Missouri – Bonne Terre Municipal Airport (1BT) Three day event 19th – 21st. Phone 573-454-1266

Columbia, Missouri – Columbia Regional Airport (KCOU) No events at the airport but activities are planned in town.     for more information on the events. For fly in information contact the FBO at 573-443-1576

Booneville, Missouri – Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport (KVER) Phone: 660-882-7441 Events are planned in town but nothing reported at the airport.

No special events at these locations so far, just a place within the totality to park and view:

Fulton Missouri – Elton Hensley Memorial Airport (KFTT) Phone: 573-642-6222              No known events planned for in town or at airport

Sullivan, Missouri – Sullivan Regional Airport (KUUV) Phone: 573-468-2631              No known events planned for in town or at airport



Latest Corps of Engineers Rules for Table Rock Lake use and dock owners

From: Kenneth  Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2017 1:10 PM
Shoreline Management Plan

Everyone needs to protest these proposals. These proposals are not good. 

We need to share this will all our friends that have a dock or use Table Rock Lake.

Attached is the new version of the Corp of Engineers Shoreline Management Plan for Table Rock Lake that has come out of nowhere.  They did not even do the focus groups (which they didn’t listen to) like last time.  This has popped up quickly and everyone needs to make their voice known!

Next week (July 31, August 1-2) there will be 3 open meetings that you can go to. Monday—Chateau on the Lake, Tuesday—Shell Knob and Wednesday—Reeds Spring High School.  The Corp will be there between 4pm and 7pm.  Go and share your comments!  Also, you can write comments to the Corp until the end of the month.  Also, again contact Billy Long and Roy Blunt about your opinions (they helped get the last version stopped).

Attached is the Shore plan and it has even more onerous issues than the past one.  You really need to go through it line by line to find everything.  We just talked about it in the Kimberling City Environmental Development Committee this morning.  Layne Morrill said that the Realtor’s Association will be putting out a press release today also.

A few of the biggies that are in this new Shoreline plan:

  • You can no longer park on any public land (corp property)…there will not be ANY parking lots on corp land.  If you are going to park on private property, you will need to provide the corp a copy of a property owner’s lease to allow you to park on their property adjacent to corp property.  This would include any contractors working on a dock could not drive down to the dock with supplies on corp property.

  • No trimming, limbing or topping of any tree (and that now includes cedars) will be allowed on any corp property.  First fine will be $500, but it also is now listed in another part of the plan as a felony.

  • You will only be able to request one modification per entire dock one every 5 years, and the dock must be in at least 8 ft of water

  • All docks will have to be converted to ONLY solar within the next 10 years.

  • The biggest one…and I can’t even imagine how they will enforce this!!  The Corp has decided that the use of the lake has been increasing by 6.2% per year…and they aren’t happy about it.  They want to limit use to basically 1 boat per every 10 acres.  Basically once the lake use per day has hit that limit…no more boats will be allowed.

    • Can you imagine having a resort and telling the people they can’t put in their boat because the ‘boat limit’ has been reached?

    • Can you imagine a fishing tournament that has been planned for a year getting ready to put in and the Corp on the ramp stating the ‘boat limit’ has been reached?

    • Can you imagine the Corp closing all ramps at noon Sunday and anyone driving from Spfd will have to turn around and go home?

We need to make our voice known once again and stop the corp!!! Received from Bernard Dick 8.1.2017


Fishing Times!

All those fishermen that love a midweek break need to come to Table Rock Lake on Wednesdays around 6 pm.  Park down by the Shell Knob Bridge southwest boat ramp, join 25-30 fishermen that are putting down $50.00 a piece for winning a pot upwards to $1,000. a night.  OH!  They do have a second  round on a Friday nights.  Keep fishin’ and keep smilin’ as Don Berry would say.  Stop by his new business on Bridgeway Plaza for bait, plugs, rods, reels, and a ton of stuff for the serious fishing man!  


Weekend Events for Shell Knob 7.29.2017 to 7.30.2017

SATURDAY, July 29 – Shell Knob, MO – Turkey Mountain Airport (MO00) 8:30 – Noon; Judy’s famous $5.00 “Omelet in a Bag” breakfast fly-in. For additional information call: Judy at 417-858-6345; Cell 417-671-1832 This event will be in the hangar just off the south parking area ** Note CTAF 122.9 a great chance to see some beautiful planes.  

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