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Thursday November 21st 2019



Haven of the Ozarks

Pet of the Week-Toby – – Gmail  Click Here to met Toby!.  Meet Toby, the Haven of the Ozarks Pet of the Week!  Toby is a happy, friendly, and lovable three year old boy who is hoping to find a family of his own.  Toby has just the right amount of energy, not too active but also not lazy, and gets along well with other dogs.  He likes all the people he meets and loves to lean into the person giving him attention.  The closer, the better!  He would be so happy to find a real home!  You can meet him at the Haven 9-4 any day of the week or call 417-835-3647 for more information.


You Are Invited To Learn About The New Library Building! Drawings are available to peruse

August 15th, 2018

By: Jennifer Cochran

Shell Knob Public Library

You Are Invited To Learn About The New Library Building!

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting on August 30th at 10:00 a.m at the Shell Knob Community Center.  The Library Director, Architect and I will be on hand for questions and discussion. This meeting will be our community’s first chance to learn about the exciting project. You will also be able to see architectural drawings of the proposed new library building.


On the front table in the library we are displaying our second round  of PBS’s top 100 popular books.  Please join us in “The Great American Read” and Check out these books.  You can vote by going to the PBS Website.  Over the next several weeks, several of the libraries will be hosting special events to go along with the Great American Read.  Stop by your local library for more information.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library will meet on Monday September 10th at 11:00.    

Book Club

The Book club will meet in September.  Over the summer they have been  reading “The Fall Of Giants” by Ken Follett to discuss at their next meeting.  It is not too late to stop in and get a copy and join the group.

New Titles:


The Removes by Tatjana Soli

Bring Me Back by B. A. Paris

Princess by James Patterson

The Cast by Danielle Steel

the Woman Left behind by Linda Howard




In My Dreams

The Walking Dead Season 6


Ollie needs a Home

Meet Ollie, the Haven of the Ozarks Pet of the Week!  This handsome boy is about two years old and came to the Haven due to his owner’s failing health.  Ollie is very friendly, sweet, and loves to be hugged.  He really just wants to spend time with people.  He has nice leash manners and would make a wonderful exercise buddy.  Ollie would love to get back in a real room home very soon.  Please call 417-835-3647 for more information or visit us any day of the week.




DUE BY Friday, Aug. 17th for week of (Aug. 22-Aug. 29)


Presented by the Alzheimer’s Association

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Wednesday, Aug. 22nd 12:00-1:00

NELL’S NAILS (fingers & toes)

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Monday, Aug. 27th

Please call for an AM appointment



Missouri Conferences Ministry Updates

Ministry Updates

Message from Pastor Bill 

Last week I was grateful to have participated in the Missouri Conferences pilot program called Re. Re stands for Reflect, Recenter and Reclaim. This program is geared toward clergy who have been serving five years and longer. The purpose of Re is for clergy and laity to Reflect, Recenter, and Reclaim best practices regarding physical, mental, and spiritual health. In both clergy and laity, overall health is vital to the mission of the local church to make active followers of Jesus Christ.

The nine month Re program is a great starting point for both clergy and laity to strengthen the overall health of our churches. We only have one life to give to God and no matter where we find ourselves today we still have the opportunity to make good choices physically, mentally, and spiritually. Pictured above is a look at a set of escalators and stairs located at the Branson Convention Center where our conference was held. As I was descending the stairs to begin my travels back home I took a moment to capture this picture. I believe it summed up our learning for the week to make good choices.

For me the escalator represents traveling the same path or what seems easy. The stairs represent making a better choice, while more difficult to reach the top, the reward of better choices in our health is best for God’s kingdom.

May we walk the stairs together.

Pastor Bill



August 1, 2018
Good afternoon,
It is back to school in a couple of weeks. The Alliance of Churches has provided an opportunity for families in need to apply for clothes and shoes. Families have filled out applications with types and sizes.
Now it is time to shop. I am looking for a couple of people who like to shop for kids’ clothes. We have about 30 children needing clothes and shoes. Monies you spend will be reimbursed by the Alliance of Churches.  You will turn in your receipts to Terry.
If you would like to help out, please contact Terry at 858-6707. (This weekend is no tax weekend for school clothes.)
Thank you.
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Senior Center Happenings

15 year anniversary of Central Crossing Senior Center in Shell Knob, MO

Please pass the message on.

It is Sat. Aug. 4th from 2-4 PM.

20801 YY 15 RD.

in Shell Knob, MO

Hope you can make it





DUE BY Friday, July 20th for week of (July 25-Aug. 1)


Women, Infants, & Children

Central Crossing Senior Center

Wednesday, July 25

Please call 417-847-2114

For an appointment


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Presented by Jackie Howell of the

MO Extension Office

Thursday, July 26th 11:45 AM


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

A hearing test and hearing aid check will be available

Tuesday, July 31st 10:00-1:00 PM

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

A hearing test and hearing aid check will be available


Rain Eases the Temperament of the Soil and Plants

Thank you Lord for that wonderful one inch rain that we received last night. Some individuals on the north side of the lake received 3 inches.  Everyone feels better, there are smiles everywhere and we need to see one another’s smiles. It is free, everyone owns one, and by adding a good morning to anyone you meet makes it a perfect score for your day. If I am down,  I try to smile all the more as it is not for me but for that person. When I was teaching, felt ill and didn’t think I could make the day, I dressed up a bit more than usual. Why, because you feel better on the inside. You smile more, and the mental or physical illness passes away. THINK about it. . . do you enjoy people who are always sick or down? So STEP UP!

Our gardens provide solace for our spirits.  As they grow and multiply we acknowledge that there is a power that looks over us.  Water is the powerful and dynamic element that boosts not only our plants but our spirits.  When I lose a plant or misjudge how much water or potting soil/manure to use I blame myself.   But the real gardener is the Lord.  The performance of our many and varied gardens depends on our attentions and the Lord’s willingness to put sun and water there at the right time.

Shell Knob has been gifted with a new community garden located next to the Methodist Church on the north side of YY.  The group that volunteers to monitor the garden work tirelessly to grow as much foodstuffs as possible.  Most of it is donated to the Food Bank here and the various entities that fed the  food needy in the Shell Knob area.  If you are interested call Betty Ragland or Terri Strack at the United Methodist Central Community Church 417-858-6707.


The Fourth on the Knob!

It is Friday after the fourth and the town seems remarkably quiet.  The disappointment of not have the big fireworks show seems to have daunted the spirits of some of our visitors and neighbors.  However, those of us with dogs that have super sensitive hearing are okay with the “Quieter” atmosphere.  The fireworks tents seems have brought in extra income because of the loss of the big show so they will go home happier than usual, according to my neighbor who seems to have the inside track to that information.  All in all, not so many accidents as usual and the town seems to have profited from the invasion. God Bless them All!  According to the Chamber Director the outcome has not been decided yet with regard to handling the loss of the show.



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