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Saturday April 21st 2018



Central Community United Methodist Church Calendar of Events

January 23, 2018
Central Community United Methodist Church
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  • Pastor Bill’s note
  • Calendar News
  • Potluck this month
  • Homestead Pickers
  • One Call Now update
  • Lifting up in Prayer 

From the Pastor’s Desk

I am so proud how our first step in making active followers of Jesus is all about serving! We are blessed with so many opportunities that we can connect people to serving in the name of Jesus. The tool we use to help connect people to service is the Connections Card on your Sunday program. It does not matter if you are a 1sttime guest or a long standing member, everyone is encouraged to serve. So check the box on the area you feel led to serve and we will help connect you to the appropriate ministry leader.

Our next step in making active followers of Jesus is to provide a resource that allows individuals, families, and groups the opportunity to draw closer to Jesus through the practices of Prayer, Worship, Generosity, Service, and Witness. The goal is to have this resource ready by April this year.

Remember to invite someone to worship with you this Sunday.

In Christ,

Pastor Bill

We don’t just believe in prayer.
We live it!
Breakthrough Prayer
God, we need you to show up in our life, our church, and our community.  Amen.Book of the Month: One Faithful Promise- available at the Welcome Center table for $7.00.

Click on the February calendar to enlarge and print.

If the school is closed for weather, the church office is closed.
If we need to cancel worship services, Pastor Bill will decide by 7:00 am. We will make a One Call Now announcement and put it on Facebook.

This shirt was left one day here at church. It is a 2x. We would like to give it to its rightful owner.  Please come by and pick it up. Thank you.

  • Year end statements are available. Pick yours up in the  welcome center Sunday. If you live out of town, they were mailed. Please let Terry know if you do not receive yours.
  • Tired of sitting at home? Come on by church and walk. Thirty laps around the fellowship hall equals a mile. The hall is open Mon- Thur 8-4.
  • If you like to have offering envelopes, please let Terry know. She will get them for you. You can call her or mark it on your Connections Card.
  • The next garden meeting is Feb. 7 at 1:00.

Sunday– Small groups- 10:15CCSI– Room 4 One Faithful Promise- studying the book that follows the sermon series
Exploring Scripture– meeting in Room 5 to explore the scriptures in order to prepare for Sunday worship.
– God Squad- Senior High Youth Group– meet upstairs
Youth– meet in room 2Wednesday
Women’s Bible Study- 
1st & 3rd Wednesday at 10:00– The Women’s Bible Study group invite you to join us in “Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven” by Dr. David Jeremiah. God wants you to know all about your eternal home so you can anticipate the future. The study begins September 6th at 10 a.m.and will continue on the first and third Wednesday of the month. We look forward to seeing you there.

United Methodist Women- 
Second Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm in the Welcome Center

-Kid’s Night Out (Grades 2-8) First and third Wednesday 5:30- 7:30 pm
Senior High Youth Group (Grades 9-12) Each Sunday 5:30 pm

Men’s Breakfast January 26
A men’s get together is held the last Friday of the month at 8:00 am. Come join them for breakfast!

IN OUR PRAYERS:   Alex, Ethel Baumann, Henry Brooks, Carter Bryant, David Clyde, Don, Dorothy, Gayle Fielder, Tim Good, Susan Hoftizer, Kay Jacob,  Melinda Mareth, Grace Martinez and family, Charlie Meier, Frances Parrott, Patrick family, Vangie Ray, Samantha Reynolds,  Donna Lynn Wagner, Randall Walker, Mark Wilcox, Carolyn Wissinger family, Connie Zadylal, The Building, Janice Danner, Donna Hattaway, Bill & Anne Jones, Dick Jones, Scott Lowe, Vi & Dick Marlin, Shirley McGuire, Shirley Weatherly, Gary Yeager, Bill Kenagy,  District Superintendent Mark Statler, Bishop Bob Farr,
Serving in the military & law enforcement: 
Douglas Wilderman, Gage Hershfield, Eric Campbell, Keith Campbell, Benjamin Barnett, Jessica Young, Tyler Germann, Corey David Perez, Nathan Jones, Tyler Trainor, Randy Braund, Joel Givens, William Kenagy IV, Sean Conderman
Nick & Jessica Morse,

Find us just off highway 39 going west on YY.  Turn at the senior center sign


DUE BY Friday, January 26th for week of (Jan. 31-Feb. 7)


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Hearing test and hearing aid cleaning.

Wednesday, January 31st 10:00-2:00

                  PICKLE BALL

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Pickle ball is now scheduled on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays

Thursday, February 1st 1:00-3:00

Friday, February 2nd 1:00-3:00

Monday, February 5th 1:00-3:00


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Come play Dominoes every Monday

Our next meeting day is

Monday, February 5th 12:30


Central Crossing Senior Center

Please bring your social security card and last

Year’s taxes if available.

Tax Preparation will be done on Monday mornings ONLY

Please call for an appointment



Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Tuesday, February 6th 12:30

Come relax and have fun.


Shell Knob “a bit of heaven” for those that have come here

Shell Knob Named “Best Place to Escape” author unknown but contributed by Clyde Lobb

Shell Knob was recently recognized as the “best place to escape” in Missouri by Expedia. Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel companies. The Expedia Viewfinder blog features travel inspiration on destinations in the U.S. and across the globe. Expedia’s staff writers sought out locations that provide the best opportunity to relax, recharge and enjoy a real getaway.

The website article includes a photograph of Table Rock and one of our fine campgrounds. The blog mentions that Table Rock is one of the best fishing spots in the country. Shell Knob is praised for its slower pace and relaxing atmosphere and promotes hiking and our resort amenities.

Stonewater Cove, Pilot Knob Conservation Area and The Red Barn are specifically mentioned in the on-line article. Lily Rogers, author of the article says, “Table Rock Lake is the perfect spot for taking in nature’s quieter beauties, and Shell Knob is just the right place to settle in and take life easy. Calm nights in a cozy cabin, lazy days on the lake, and spending time meeting friendly locals sounds like the right prescription for an ideal escape.”

Shell Knob is honored to have been chosen for this recognition from knowledgeable travel experts. Those who live in or visit Shell Knob already know that this is a special place with a relaxing, inspiring lifestyle. It is nice to know that the beauty and amity of our area is noticed by others. The Expedia article can be viewed at



You are welcome here. take highway YY off of highway 39, going east one mile, look for the turn turning north to the senior center.


DUE BY Friday, January 19th for week of (Jan. 24-31)


Central Crossing Senior Center

Wednesday, January 24th

Please call 417-847-2114 for an appointment


Oxford Health Speaker Susan Rausch

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Wednesday, January 24th 11:45

Susan is a great speaker


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Thursday, January 25th 11:15-12:30


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Pickle ball is now scheduled an extra day.


Central Crossing Senior Center

Rescheduled to Monday, January  29th


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Tuesday, January 30th 12:30

Come relax and have fun.


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Hearing test and hearing aid cleaning.

Wednesday, January 31st 10:00-2:00


Colder weather causes inflammation issues for older citizens!

Fighting arthritic pain from inflamed tissue cause older citizens (anyone over 55) pain that seems never ending.   Below are recent comments from a survey taken from  Table Rock Lake Citizens.  Several things cause an onset of pain; stressing,  overuse of muscles (loading fire wood, bringing in firewood, and taking on other infrequent tasks),  lifting, and walking too long on the treadmill are only a few (very rare).

Diet, is a very important element in winter health. Foods that are essential in easing the pain are those that force out excess fluids in our system.  The small Halo oranges give you a dose of vitamin C that boost your resistance to contracting colds and aide in releasing inflammation. ( Bill)

Another great inflammation fighter are Binge cherries.  True, they are hard to find fresh at this time of year, but the frozen ones are great in a smoothie.  A bottle of Boost, a cup of  ice cream, or yogurt make a great mid afternoon snack or an evening meal.  Do not eat anything after 6 pm for stomach comfort and better sleep.  (Patti C. )

Another great breakfast are Blueberries in oatmeal (steel cut) is the best. But Blueberries with anything (Halo oranges are good too) is a healthy addition to your diet.  True, this time of year they are expensive if you can find them but frozen ones will work.  They also aid your memory but need to be taken on a regular basis.  Several people say they are using this and claim they have had marvelous results.

Cherry Juice!  Two tablespoons in a half glass of water will energize your brain and aide in dealing with inflammation of joints and muscle fatigue.  You can find this in bottles; pints,and quart size.  These are expensive but one pint bottle usually lasts one month. (Joan H.)


Haven Pets need you! Comet is looking for love.

Meet Comet, the Haven of the Ozarks Pet of the Week!  Comet is a gorgeous seven month old collie/husky mix. She spent four months of her short life at a local animal control and came to the Haven as an unsocialized pup.  She was very lucky to go to foster with a longtime Haven volunteer and experienced dog owner.  In this home, Comet has learned to not potty in the house, play with toys, and sleep in bed with her humans.  She plays well with other dogs and is getting more confident all the time.  Comet is now ready to go to her forever home.  She’ll still need a patient human parent, but she will be a wonderful new best friend for her people.  Comet’s foster mom would love to see her get adopted right away and move from her h

Comet is looking for love.

ome right into her forever one.  Please call 417-835-3647 for more information on Comet.


Football! Football! Football! What a weekend of fun!

The word is most people are happy about the outcome of the games!  The guys at the coffee shop are mostly happy with the outcome.  The others are pouting/cussing about it.  Oh Well everyone is excited about the Superbowl February 4th, 2018.  Big plans for big parties are all a part of the winter fun at Table Rock Lake in the winter time.


Table Rock Lake Breaks Record for Low Levels due to Energy Demands


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  – The extremely cold weather is fueling demand for hydroelectricity at our White River dams.  This power demand and the lack of significant rainfall will result in a continual lowering of the lake levels in coming days and possibly weeks.
As a result, the Corps is advising boat dock owners to keep an eye on their docks and move them as needed to prevent them from grounding as the lakes recede.
Hydropower is a major mission of the Army Corps of Engineers, the largest operator of hydropower plants in the United States.
The Corps’ Little Rock District operates seven hydropower plants, in Arkansas and Missouri, producing enough energy to serve 1.4 million households annually returning nearly $94.3 million to the U.S. Treasury from the sale of electricity marketed by the Southwestern Power Administration.
Hydro-power, a clean renewable reliable efficient energy source, which does not produce greenhouse gasses, provides electricity at the flip of a switch during peak energy use times. Current Lake Level is 914.5


Senior Center Events in the New Year Jan. 3-10th


DUE BY Friday, Dec. 29 FOR week (Jan. 3-10)


Central Crossing Senior Center….All Ages Welcome

Wednesday, Jan. 3rd 10:30-1:00


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Train Dominoes will be on the 2nd & 4th Mondays

Monday, Jan. 8th 12:30 PM

Always welcoming new players.


Central Crossing Senior Center…Everyone Welcome

Will Bowling Resumes today.

Inviting all new players to join us.

Wednesday, Jan. 10th 12:30 PM


Thank you AARP you are thinking all the time!

You know who we’re talking about

What to Buy for Hard-to-Shop-for People


Go down the list of this gift guide for great ideas to make you the best gift giver ever.

En español | No doubt about it. Some people are nearly impossible to shop for. But with a little help, you can crown yourself the best gift-giver ever this holiday season. Just check out these choices for those folks in your life who’ve got you stumped.

The middle-aged cousin you only see once or twice a year:

Trendy water bottle. Drinking more water is on just about everyone’s list of New Year’s resolutions. So why not make it easier for your cousin (or another family member) to do just that with a water bottle so fabulous that it will become the accessory to take everywhere. For some of the trendiest water bottles, check out the Bkr water bottles at

Grownup food storage. If his or her black hole of a Tupperware drawer is anything like yours, it needs a serious face-lift. Get your cousin some pieces from Lifefactory Food Storage. Made of tempered glass covered by cute silicone sleeves, it’s oven-, microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe, not to mention BPA- and BPS-free. A 2-cup food storage container goes for $17.99 at

Stress buster. Forget the fidget spinners of summer. The fidget cube allows you to spin, push and click all your worries away so that you can stay relaxed and focused. You can buy these on Amazon or elsewhere, usually for less than $10.

The trendy sister-in-law (or sister) you really can’t stand:

Wine for a cause. If she like-a da drink, these picks will allow her to imbibe while giving back. At least 20 percent of every bottle sold from Equality Vines’ LGBTQ Love Wins series will be given to an LGBTQ nonprofit. (Try the 2013 Love Wins sparkling cuvée, $45.) Under the company’s Suffrage series’ 19th Amendment label, $2 of every bottle sold goes to the League of Women Voters. Try the 2016 19th Amendment sauvignon blanc for $30; it’s handcrafted by pioneer winemaker Alison Green-Doran, who was one of the first two female winemakers in the U.S. when she first started her career in the early 1970s.

Wardrobe help. With a Stitch Fix gift card, a personal stylist can choose items to fit your sister-in-law’s tastes and wardrobe needs. For $20 a shipment, she can get a regular delivery (the company lets the customer choose the frequency) of new clothes to try — and then choose to buy the items she loves.

Kitchen appliance. If she likes to cook, a Dash Mini Maker may be the perfect present. These adorable little appliances feature different nonstick cooking surfaces so that she can whip up everything from waffles to fajitas! They heat up quickly and only cost about $10 on Amazon.

The teenage or college-age son or daughter of a close friend:

Personal towel. Small enough to squeeze into your backpack but big enough to take to the beach and lie out on, the PackTowl microfiber towel is lightweight and quick to dry. It comes in all sizes — from washcloth to XXL. It’s easy to wash and pack into tight spaces, and it’s perfect for everything from workouts to weekend getaways. And it’s not expensive. The original towel sells for $9.95 to $23.95, depending on the size.

Speakers. If you know the young person loves music — and what young person doesn’t — why not get them some waterproof speakers? The JBL clip-on wireless Bluetooth speakers get great reviews and are only $44.98 on Amazon.

Extra-long nylon charging cable cords. Who hasn’t worried about not having enough reach from a USB charger cable? The teen or young adult in your life will appreciate extra-long nylon charging cable cords, an inexpensive but useful gift for anyone who’s ever wanted to charge their iPhone, iPad or iPod from a longer-than-usual distance.

Your spouse of many, many years who never tells you what they want:

Put a ring on it. Enso wedding bands are silicone wedding bands for active people who don’t want to worry about denting (or forgetting) their actual wedding band while at the gym, shooting hoops with their buddies or performing other rigorous or messy activities. They come in silver and gold (flecks of real precious metals are used), black and other colors, plus in various textures. They have bands for women, too. ($39.99).

A super cuddle. Gravity blankets — weighted comforters thought to elicit feelings of relaxation — are super buzzy right now. Clocking in at 12 pounds, Brookstone’s weighted blanket claims to use the “same comforting pressure as a loving hug.” You two share a bed, meaning you’ll get to try it, too. ($149.99).

A fun game. Feed his competitive nature with an outdoor cornhole lawn-game set that’s perfect for the whole family. You can get a nice set with two regulation-size wooden game boards for about $120 on Amazon, or there are less expensive versions available on Wayfair and other sites.

Bonus. And for the dad who has everything, there’s the BottleKeeper, which keeps beer colder longer. This insulated stainless steel container starts at about $24.99.

An elderly parent:

Easy-to-use tech. Up Grandma’s selfie game with the GrandPad, the first tablet computerdesigned for older seniors. It’s perfect for a video-chat with family, using voice email in real time, sharing photos, playing games, making phone calls and more. Plus, GrandPad just partnered with Lyft, so it’s easy for him or her to request rides to see their friends, go shopping and more. No confusing buttons, passwords or pop-up ads, and wireless connectivity is built in ($49.99/month; tablet is included.)

Memory maker. Want to make it easy for your mother or father to share memories? Buy them a Zoom recorder for $99.99 and promise you’ll set aside time to visit each week so that you can ask them questions about their lives. You’ll make them happy and probably learn a lot, too! Available for $99.99 on Amazon.

Personal massager. If your parent is suffering from the typical aches and pains associated with growing older, consider a Zyllion shiatsu pillow massager with heat — for the back, neck and shoulders. Available for $39.99 on Amazon.

The pet lover in your life:

Pajamas. You know those families who wear matching PJs? Well, now you can buy matching sets for the dog lover in your life and their beloved pet. FabDog, which calls itself a “fashion brand for dogs,” has debuted a line of matching PJs for dogs and their owners. And they’re just $50 a set.

Paw washer. Keeping Fido’s feet clean isn’t always easy, so that’s where the Paw Wash comes in. Although there are a variety of products out there, the tube-like Paw Wash applies purely hydraulic action to clean your dog’s paws without the use of harsh chemicals and brushes. It’s also portable, so you can take this with you anywhere you go.

Selfie stick. For those times when you are trying to hold a dog’s attention for a photo, there’s now a special dog selfie stick that can do just that. Priced at only $13, it’s worth a try.

Hope this helps. If not, just get them all a Treasures gift card and be done with it.

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