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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-25

  • Working on freelance story for local business–watching sun fade away and wishing for more of it. #
  • Folks on Table Rock are enjoying milder weather and drinking a lot of coffee. #
  • OzarkAdvertiser is up and running. it is open for individual’s comments. #
  • Bubblegum for the Brain via @AddToAny #
  • Check out my friend’s webpage. It’s a great geek read on tech stuff: #
  • Aqua-Sid Blount Announces Commission Meeting Dates via @AddToAny #
  • Wet weather covers lake area and creates dangerous fog on Sunday. #
  • Table Rock is beautiful but deadly for fast drivers on foggy roads. #

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AQUA-Sid Blount Announces Commission Meeting Dates

For the last two weeks many of the Tomahawk Heights neighbors (located near Viola Baptist Church) have been dealing with muddy water spouting out of their water lines, smelly water and inconsistent water pressure.  No one from AQUA sent out a warning or asked patrons to boil their water.  Nor were customers warned about washing their clothes in muddy water.  Nor were customers  informed of any kind of a problem.  The local workers were diligent in their efforts to find a leak of over 50,000 gals over a period of a month.  The residents of the area put up with AQUA trucks driving up and down muddy roads making them hardly navigable looking for a leak, digging with trenchers, and tearing up one homeowner’s driveway 2-3 times.  No phone call from AQUA, no letter, and no information was coming from AQUA.  Why?  This would have been only a common courtesy. If you are concerned about the rising water rates and the lack of concern that AQUA has for its customers then plan to attend the local public meetings in February.  All hearings start at 6 pm, with a  Q &A starting at 5:30 pm.    Please call AQUA for additional information.  Expect a wait and make sure you have your account number in front of you.  Why is that?  It seems lopsided.  We are the ones paying for service. We should be able to talk to a person first–not a computer.  Why is that?

They will be at the following locations on the accompanying date:

Shell Knob -At the Shell Knob Elementary School on February 11, 2010

Reeds Spring-At the Reeds Spring High School on February 10, 2010

Republic-At the Republic Community Center on February 16, 2010

Sedalia-At the Us Army National Guard Armony on February 16, 2010

Warsaw-At the Warsaw High school on February 18, 2010

Jefferson City-At the GOB on February 22, 2010


Central Crossing Senior Center Celebrates Successful Ten Years

Success Story for Central Crossing Senior Center Corporation

By Paula Andersen—Special thanks to Glenn Phillips for his imput and Photo

 Last Saturday night, January 16th, was the 10th Anniversary of the creation of the Central Crossing Senior Center Corporation in Shell Knob.  It was an evening celebrating the achievements of the many members and their ten years of hard and gratifying work. The thirteen member board met at 6 pm at the Central Crossing Senior Center building located on YY15 approximately 1/2 mile from the intersection with YY just east of highway 39. They met to consider their future goals and celebrate the history of the center.  The first board meeting was held in February of 1999 and was held in the Shell Knob’s Presbyterian Church.  At that time, there were only ten board members and they were looking for ways to encourage seniors to stay on in the local community after the loss of their spouse.  They felt the need to promote the local economy by providing senior services that were usually only found in the larger cities and towns.  As volunteers they sought out and toured several senior community service organizations for ideas. They were successful but felt the need for land and a building to call their own.

In 2000, they sought out the Southwest Missouri Office on Aging and agreed to couple with them in the building of a Central Crossing Senior Center.  Currently the center is providing a multitude of services.  The home delivered meals program is one of their most successful and can always utilize volunteers to deliver meals.  In 2009 8,400 meals were delivered to “Home Bound” seniors. This year during the Medicare Part D Enrollment program volunteers saved 92 seniors over $15,000 in medical expenses by providing consultation services.  The SKSC proves computer classes for seniors wanting to learn more about the Internet and basic computer skills.  A workout room is available and the sewing room houses a dedicated group of quilters that turn out quilts for fundraisers and special orders.  

The Senior Center serves 45-65 meals daily to seniors that enjoy the companionship of friends and neighbors.  The healthy meals are inexpensive and newcomers are welcome.

The newest addition to the center has been the Wii Bowling program.  This system has been invigorating for the senior members participating.  Dozens of seniors play in a Wii Bowling League two days a week and due to its popularity they are adding an extra league this spring. The Wii League held a dinner for players and trophies were awarded in all classes.  A Branson senior center group has challenged the Shell Knob seniors to play them in a session.  Organizers are arranging that for February.  For additional information  Martha Buessing, the Senior Center’s administrator is available for questions about the center’s facilities and services available.

Successful Ten Years!

Seated – Left to Right – Penny Muckle – Sharon Brown – Maggie Pelzl – Ann Henson

Standing – Left to Right – Bob Marts – Dave Felder – Howard Trimble – Richard Nierman – Jerry Arnold – Glenn Phillips – Melba Eakin.

Not Present for the photo – Mark Davis – Gib Urick – the Senior Center Administrator Martha Buessing



The Lastest on Shopping and Visiting On Table Rock Lake

Shell Knob Resorts are open for visitors and their rates are better than most with all the eminities they are providing their vacationeers.  Food prices at Country Fresh Market are better than Wichita and Kansas City.  The steaks are thicker and less expensive than anything in southern Stone and Barry counties.

The Shell Knob area is awaking again to the sights and sounds of Spring.   Cabin Fever is open again.  The store is open weekdays from 10 to 5 pm. Debbie has a unique collection of candles, cards, gifts and decor items for her customers.  Her bargain basement is  stocked by Francie Crandall and houses Francie’s special group of collectibles.

Vintage Ozark has ungone a renovation and added footage.  Jim has added six vintage pieces that are beautiful.  They really demonstrate the spirit of American craftsmanship. They are open 10 to 5 week days-closed on Tuesdays.  Sunday they are open 12 to 5 pm.  This time of year it is hard to find a frown  as  the community spirit is alive and vital.  Local churches are excited to welcome visitors and the hospitality of the local restaurants is noteworthy. Check the Dinning Guide for times and dates of service.

The beauty of the lake this time of year is sometimes hidden by the fog and mists rising from the lake.  But if you watch closely you can see the promise and beauty of spring floating there.


Test image

this is a test tree image.


Most Noteworthy Woman in the Ozarks

This space will be open for the next month for recognizing and then voting on the most noteworthy woman in the Ozarks.  Nationally women like Sarah Palin, Hilliary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Wood’s wife have been in the news.  But let us look to our roots, look at local business women, religious leaders, educators, community leaders, volunteers, mothers and wives that provide sources of encouragement, guidance, and spiritual enlightment for our communities.  Nominations begin today and on the 15th of January we will start voting for 15 days. Include in your post #1 the name of the individual, local address, phone number and #2 limit yourself to three reasons why you think she should win the title of  “Most Noteworthy Woman of the Ozarks”.

Nominations to date;

Frankie Carlin Meyer-Author  of Bushwackers, Visions, Star-Crossed Lovers

Jeannie Jones-Owner -Editor of The Rattler newspaper


Bubblegum for the Brain

Baseball is derived from what two English games?

What were the real names of the “Georgia Peach” and the “Galloping Ghost”?

Why is there no joy in Mudville?

Anguished English-Infamous Notes to the teacher

Please excuse Joey for being–it was his father’s fault!

My daughter was absent yesterday because she was tired.She spent the weekend with the Marine’s.

Please excuse Susan as she was under the doctor and couldn’t breed.


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