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Tuesday November 13th 2018



Table Rock Auto Clinic is a New Member of the Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce


The Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce welcomes as new members Max and Wanda Koerner, owners of Table Rock Auto Clinic. The Koerner’s opened their business in 1996 in Shell Knob and have made many advancements in their automobile service opportunities to the community. Their bumper to bumper service is enhanced by their utilization of the latest diagnostic equipment. Their staff brings the expertise of over 40 years of combined training and experience in the repair and service of vehicles.
If you are in need of a tow, they supply the tow truck service to get to their garage. If you are in need of body work they can service that also. Gary Varner has over 30 years experience as a transmission technician.

Max says, “ TR Auto prides themselves on “transparency” to their customers service needs. Because our diagnostic equipment prints out or shows problems on a computer screen, customers can see exactly what the mechanics are seeing and know exactly what is wrong with their auto and how we are dealing with the problem. We also carry and use BG Products which is important because today’s cars are finely tuned and less tolerant of deposits; BG Products clean and lubricate any/all moving parts in an automobile.”

Max and Gary say, “We do it right the first time.” We welcome new customers with a friendly smile and a nice waiting room.”



Letters Of Insight 4.20.2010

Letter of Insight
My husband and I attended a Tea Party in Branson, MO Saturday morning, April 17th. What an honor and a privilege to participate in this exciting and motivating experience. The roadside demonstration was held on Hwy 76 starting before 11am on West Hwy 76 beyond Appletree Mall & Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. The street was lined up on both sides of the highway with many friendly people waving their hands and waving their various signs as cars were driving by bumper to bumper, honking their horns and waving their hands and giving us a “thumbs up” sign. It was also interesting to watch the faces of people in cars who drove by who probably were not too happy to see our smiling happy faces and waving of friendly hands.

One of the fun parts of attending a Tea Party Rally is all the wonderful people you meet. I was especially happy to talk to a couple we stood beside who live in California. They were traveling in their motor home and said they previously stopped at a Tea Party in Oklahoma before traveling to Branson. So when they happened upon our Tea Party they joined us. She asked me if Branson was more Republican and I said yes it was. She told me they have to move out of California because they are sick of having their votes being wasted out there and their leadership is horrible. They are looking for a place to live maybe in MO and liked the Branson area. I offered her my phone number so I could show them around Shell Knob. However, they said they want to rent first and then look for a year to find just the right place they want to call home. This is just an example of the friendly people you can meet. These people are Americans just like us who have insights to share and we must be willing to listen.

The other gratifying and uplifting activity at the Tea Party is that they open with a prayer at the beginning of the speaker’s forum. The co-host told of her daughter’s attendance at a Christian school middle school in Branson where they are taught the constitution. Her daughter and a friend, young teens, came on stage and recited every single President in unison! Now how many people can do that? I’m ashamed to say that I have to include myself.

The event came off well without the intrusion of radical protestors with the goal to infiltrate and give the Tea Party goers a bad name. It must have been a disappointment to the main stream press. We are very unhappy with all the control our government is forcing on all of “we the people” and taking away our freedoms. We must stop this action now before it is too late and fix it from within by removing the progressives of congress. Obama is “amused” by Tea Party goers, Bill Clinton is worried about people like us infighting and creating unrest. Or by exercising our right to assemble and voice our feelings. He fears another domestic terror like the Oklahoma City bombing and Nancy Pelosi calls us “terrorists”. Shame on them for their irresponsibility and lack of understanding that we are Americans TOO! What do you think of a president who is only “Obama is amused…..?” by our efforts to make him listen to someone not on the government payroll.

I hope everyone understands — everyone needs to get involved in the Primary Process so that we do not have a third party rise out of our Tea Party organizations; that would truly be sad.

Join us in the next Tea Party in Branson this summer. I believe you will be as excited and uplifted as we were to be in the American process of the exercising our rights to be citizens.

Jan Schliem

Shell Knob, MO


Looking forward to playing som…

Looking forward to playing some golf over at Kimberling City. They reopened a sweet par 32 course just off of highway 13


Bonegan’s Purchase Fishe…

Bonegan’s Purchase Fisher Creek Golf Course in Kimberling City via @AddToAny


I hope everyone knows that Bet…

I hope everyone knows that Better Girls produce in just 50 days. Buddy got into trouble for trying to eat one plant before it was even ripe


Gardening time is upon us–eve…

Gardening time is upon us–everyine is getting their hands dirty–I can not wait for the fresh taste of my Better Girl tomato plant fruit


Memorial weekend will action p…

Memorial weekend will action packed for friends and family at the lakes in Missouri


Wow-this week has been packed …

Wow-this week has been packed with lots of news and new events going on around the Shell Knob area. Tuesday is reserved for the Tarts!


Annual Saturday Memorial Day S…

Annual Saturday Memorial Day Summer Fun Auction via @AddToAny


Dogwood Trail Garden Club Members Show Wows Crowd

A recent activity the club has undertaken has been the support of a recycling bin for local citizens to use. It is located in the Barton’s parking lot just off highway 39 on the east side of the road. Metal cans and plastic are welcome and volunteers are needed to return the bin to the Monett Recycling Center when it is filled. 
The theme for this year’s Dogwood Trail Garden Club was “In Living Color” and admittance was free. The president of the club this year is Nada Fredsbo, the show chairpersons were Linda Prince and Donna Mulkey. “The objectives of this club are the fine art of gardening, floral design, landscape design, and the study of horticulture, the protection and conservation of our natural resources and the development of programs to encourage civic beauty and community betterment.” The entrants to the show must adhere to a strict set of guidelines and trained and certified judges from other clubs spend several hours scanning the fifty plus competitors’ submissions. There is an emphasis on fresh plant material and no artificial plant material in any division is allowed. 
In the afternoon, members provide free admittance to the show and sponsor a plant sale. Community members respond well to this opportunity to purchase quality plants at reasonable prices. The good weather brought out over 100 visitors to see the show and purchase plants. 
Prizes awarded were; 





Design Division 

First place-Linda Prince-Award if Design Excellence, Tricolor Award, Designer’s Choice Award



First Place-Harriet Rhea 

First Place-Donna Mulkey-Sweepstakes Award, Distinction Award, Petite Award 



Donna Mulkey was also winner of the Award of Distinction, the Petite Award, and the Sweepstakes Award ( for most blue ribbons).


Horticulture Awards 

Excellence in Horticulture- Becky Caddell

Horticultural Sweepstakes (most Blue Ribbons) Becky Caddell

Merit Awards

Fancy Graham 

 Paula Winter  

Liz Crouch  

Becky Caddell  

Arboreal Award- Harriett Rhea  

Merit Awards- Francy Graham 

First Place Blue


Ribbon winners were:
Linda Prince, Harriet Rhea, and Donna Mulkey (since they won more than one)





Harriet Rhea and Elaine Esterl revieiwing schedulePretty in Pink Winner


A single cutting can say so much


Club Member reviewing judged works


This Saturday brought out a large crowd to the view the efforts of the Dogwood Trail Garden Club Members. The judging of this annual flower show is a part of being an affiliated garden club and moves this group into a level of accomplishment that speaks well of their hard-working efforts. This club has been making contributions to the Shell Knob and Cassville community since December of 1941. The club was federated in March 1942. 

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