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Tuesday January 22nd 2019



Say Thank You to Your Nurse During National Nurses’ Week

This week marks the 36th year that we celebrate “International Nurse Day”. May 6th is the beginning of National Nurses Week and it ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Now all of that sounds very formal and separates most of us from our real feelings about that person that escorts us to the small room in the doctor’s office. That person who takes our temperature, checks our blood pressure, counts our heartbeats, measures our height and checks our weight is someone pretty special. They are on the front lines of identifying our illnesses. They are the guardians of our personal information and their questions help to prepare our doctor for his interview and diagnosis.
Without our nurses, doctors would be overburdened and limited in the number of patients they could see in a day. They provide a calming effect on our anxiety in dealing with the unknown. These are special people who know when to tease, laugh, and encourage the despairing. The next time you see your nurse instead of just treating her or him as a faceless robot taking down the specifics of your health problem, take a moment and look at them as God’s Handmaidens. They have chosen the health care field as a place they can help people. A place where they can make a difference just like Florence Nightingale did in the 1850’s in the Crimea War. Our nurses are here and now fighting for our benefit everyday.
 How can you say thank you? Send a card, a note, a free coupon for a movie, drop by with some cookies, drop off a relish tray for lunch, or order a pizza delivered this week to their office. Just take the time recognize the countless and many times unknown efforts of these dedicated individuals.

Central Crossing Fire Chief Rusty Rickard Reports

Woman missing in forest quickly found.

A woman who was camping in the forest at Piney Tower was noticed by family and friends to be missing Thursday evening.  A call was made to 911 at 7:15 p.m. to make the report and members from the Barry County Sheriffs Office, Missouri Highway Patrol, US Forest Service, Barry County Search and Rescue, and the Central Crossing Fire Department quickly responded.  A firefighter who was responding with the search located the woman walking on Stallion Bluff road.   The woman walked between five and ten miles, through the forest, to get from her Piney Tower camp site to the location where she was found on Stallion Bluff Road.  This is the fifth incident in the area involving a person lost in the woods within the last year.  Anyone enjoying the forest should always be aware of the surroundings and stick together.  GPS devices work well and cell phones can be helpful, but cellular service is not always available in these areas.


Saturday Night Fire Destroys Mobile Home in Shell Knob


Central Crossing Firefighters Extinguish Fire on South Keystone

The sirens went off at 7:47 pm at the Central Crossing Fire Station.  The call was for a fire in progress on the 600 block of South Keystone, Shell Knob, Missouri.  Fires at dusk in a rural area are hard to see from a distance but Fire Chief Rusty Rickard and his crew arrived in less than ten minutes.  Two tankers, two engines, five other pieces of e and 25 firemen put the fire out in less than a half hour.  The three girls that were in the house were spending the weekend at their grandmothers and had planned on spending the night in the mobile home.  They had been there only a short time and heard a popping sound in the utility area.  They smelled smoke, racing to collect their computer and other clothes they left the house unharmed and turned in the alarm. 

Central Crossing Firemen and equipment are quick to respondMobile Home Blaze


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-01

  • Wow they are saying the wind on the lake could be over 40 mph–hard to believe–but we will watch it. #
  • Looking forward to some great sales at Shell Knob for Memorial Day weekend. #
  • I am taking my RV and camping stuff to the Standley Auction sale on Saturday . The cash should be good to have instead of stuff I don't use #
  • Cabin Fever in Shell Knob is bringing in special merchandise for Memorial Day customers-the Jewerly is awesome #
  • Congratulations to Silver Dollar City on their 50th birthday #
  • Boats are on the lake now–at 7 pm so Let's go Fishing!!! #

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The Mature Adult

from Susan R.


She’s sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee.

Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box.

Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week.

Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl.

And her husband is on the back of the milk carton.



The Mature Adult


A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word.

An earlier discussion had led to an argument and

neither of them wanted to concede their position.

As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs,

the husband asked sarcastically, ‘Relatives of yours?’

‘Yep,’ the wife replied, ‘in-laws.’


Men Who Love What They Do and Do What They Love

"Yes it runs, it went a half mile this morning," Brian says of the mower.

Well Stevie, I think a dollar is a bit cheap!
 When I first moved to Shell Knob, I was looking for something that didn’t have a bar name attached to it to have a good time. One thing that always made me feel happy was going to an auction. The first and third Monday nights became my night out for meeting people and getting out of the television rut. This where I got to know Brian, Stevie, John Boy, and Sparky. This friendly, outgoing group made all the difference when it came to auction-bidding and buying. You can tell by the way they treat each other with lively wit and criticism that they have known each other for years and tolerate each other well.Brian Standley inherited the Standley Auction business from his dad and has made it a formidable business in the Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas area. He works hard to make sure every customers’ call is answered and every customer gets the straight story. He loves to tease bidders and has been known to actually toss dishes on the floor when he can’t get a bid. Now some might call that tacky but he knows tacky and has no qualms about tossing it on the floor. Then there are those nights when the ladies get into gab-fests and don’t pay attention. He has an answer to that too. He tells them they are pretty, or noisy or cheap–but he has his own personal way of getting them back on track of doing business. And when men are struggling to make up their minds, he says, “It’s OK, she knows you need it!” Or “She isn’t wearing the pants tonight is she?” Or another one of the countless puns intended to needle men into action. On the other hand, he is there to help you in hauling home your treasures or holding onto them for a few days. But when it comes to the bottom line, Brian is all business and tries hard to make it right for the buyer and the seller.

 Now Stevie Bransetter, is the second auctioneer and another character that people love to see in action. Known for the most “off the wall” comments concerning women’s kitchen stuff; lacy dollies, hand towels, and glassware. Stevie is one who will pick up a large, lovely, floral vase and say “Now Guys this is one whale of a shot glass!” The more expensive, the more the fun. But when it comes to guy’s stuff; like guns, knives, ammo, and the gun scopes Stevie is in his element. He knows his stuff and can provide information that is significant! You can see by the gleam in his eye that this gun is awesome or that knife has a message. Although you can occasionally catch him spying on someone in the crowd through that gun scope he is showing.

Now the stoic is Sparky, the perennial clerk, who only occasionally looks up for a bargain or to respond to the fun.  He is always looking out for the buyer’s number or a lot number so that the bidders get a fair shake at the clerk desk. Then there is “Lighting” John Boy Rhea, who is never seen in one spot for more than two seconds. Quick of eye and hand, he is first to pick up, show an item, and puts forth his own form of banter to get the auction going. If you need help in loading or lifting he puts forth noteworthy effort to be there for you. What a great bunch of men that love what they do and do what they love. I have been to many auctions in my many years but these guys actually make it interesting and fun to be there. . . And give them my money.

Look for Standley Auction listings in the paper on the first and third Monday of each month and enjoy one of their auctions. “But Buy Something!”, Brian says.The next big auction will be on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It will start at 10 am at 25071 Farm Road 2200, Shell Knob. It will be the Summer Fun Auction. It will feature lake and summer items like boats, canoes, pontoons, water toys, tents, fishing gear, life jackets, etc. If you like to consign items for this sale call Brian Standley at 417-846-3652. Be looking for that lengthy ad in the Barry County Advertiser soon.


Central Crossing Fire District Report from Chief Rickard

The Central Crossing Fire Department & Shell Knob First Responders have been very busy. Emergency calls this year thru the month of April total 295. Calls include 220 medical emergencies, 31 motor vehicle accidents, 18 brush fires, 9 structure fires & 17 others. Included in the others are helicopter landing zones, gas leaks, alarms & service calls. Active members have each received over 125 hours of training to include basic firefighter, hazmat, emergency vehicle operation, auto extrication & much more. Thank you, to all of the members for responding to these calls & attending the training.
The smoke alarm project of the Central Crossing Fire Department has been a huge success. Over 275 smoke alarms have been distributed locally & many installed by the firefighters. This project has allowed smoke alarms to be placed in 80 homes that had no smoke alarms at all. Many other nonworking detectors & batteries were replaced. There are some smoke alarms still available so please call 858-3560 between 8a.m. & 5p.m. for more info. A big thank you to the Thrifty Closet & the Alliance of Churches for making this project possible.

Rusty Rickard,   Chief, Central Crossing Fire District







Dogwood Trail Garden Club is Sponsor of Relay For Life Fundraiser

The Dogwood Trail Garden Club’s Relay for Life Team is the “Lake Bloomers”.  The team is taking orders for Red Knock Out Roses (1 gal size) for $20 each. Healthy roses directly from a wholesaler. The entire profit will go to the Relay for Life Team. We are selling the roses as a living memorial for people that have been lost to cancer, those battling cancer or survivors of cancer. The roses can be decorated with a purple ribbon  “In memory of” or “In Honor Of” and the person’s name at pick up. Also, the roses are  perfect for Memorial Day. The advance order dead line is May 15th. Pick up your roses at Farmer’s Daughter from  9-11 am on May 27 & 28th.  Call Rita Hlasney 858-0727, Liz Crouch 858-2338 or Becky at Farmer’s Daughter Floral 858-0413 to place an order today to guarantee a rose. The “Lake Bloomers” are sponsoring this team in the memory of Jill Trimble a garden club member.  Please help us with this event.  



Boats are on the lake now–at …

Boats are on the lake now–at 7 pm so Let’s go Fishing!!!

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