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River Bassin’ Tournament Sept. 10, 2017 written by Tom Koob

River Bassin’ Tournament

written by Tom Koob

The Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a River Bassin’ Tournament on September 10, 2017. The River Bassin’ Tournament Trail sponsors fishing tournaments throughout the United States. These events are for kayak and canoe anglers who want to fish for bass on “wild waters”. The series uses a unique format in which anglers choose the water they want to fish within a 60 mile radius of the host location. When an entrant catches a bass, a photo of the fish is taken on a measuring board. The photo is uploaded to a live leaderboard where contestants and spectators can watch the tourney progress in real time.

River Bassin’ was founded by Drew Gregory as a way to promote fun, family oriented fishing for anglers who want to enjoy more secluded waters from kayaks and canoes. Each event is open to anglers of any skill level. Teams and families are welcome to enter and attend the event activities. Tournament day is a fun-filled affair with games, food and prizes.

Drew Gregory says about this exciting series,

“I got into kayak fishing to be able to catch fish in less pressured wild places, such as rivers or creeks, that my boat couldn’t get to. Large reservoirs and lakes already have plenty of competitive series, so I wanted to give kayak anglers a chance to have fun competing in the locations where the kayak really excels.”

The event in Shell Knob will be a Regional Tournament and allow entrants to fish the many fine area rivers and streams and even some portions of Table Rock Lake. Information about River Bassin’ and how to register can be found at or on Facebook or by calling 724-989-1630. Drew Gregory’s Hooked on Wild Waters videos can be viewed on YouTube. The Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce can be contacted at or 417-858-3300.

Fall and cooler weather will be here soon. It will be a beautiful time of year to enjoy the Ozarks up close. The River Bassin’ Tournament will provide an excellent chance to experience nature whether as a participant or spectator.


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