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Sunday April 21st 2019



Memory Problems. . .no problem!

As we grow in years there is no reason to let your memory fail you.  Certain drugs and alcohol can mess with that brain of yours but drinking in moderation is OK.  Using memory aids will help you in dealing with a drug that is attacking your memory.  A glass of wine before bedtime isn’t hurtful but guzzling 3-8 beers is, so take care of you mind as well as your body. One of the practices to strengthen your memory is Postit notes.  My kitchen cabinets guide my memory every morning.  The basis for remembering things is practice. When we are younger we practiced subconsciously other’s birthdays, doctor’s appointments, etc.  So if something is important to remember make a note, stick it to the coffee cup cupboard, that way every time you reach for your morning cup, you read and remember. Each cabinet could be a day of the week.  Or keep a daytimer on your phone for doctor’s appointments or when to change the oil in the car. A plain paper planner can be picked up at the local store, just remember to write dates down and keep that planner close at all times.  Some of the pharmacies and insurance offices give planners (or date books) away as a courtesy every  year.

Now what about remembering names and faces.? It is not much trouble to remember those individuals who play a role in your daily or weekly event/ life.  But then there are those people who play a minor role in your life.  Maybe you only see a banker once a year, or a doctor, or an insurance agent, etc.  When introduced, play close attention to their face and note any unique features. Big bright eyes, light skin complexion, long ear lobes, a sparse beard, whatever their name is, try to match it to that unique feature that is only theirs. Use the internet to double check who you are talking to at their office.  A bank usually has their staff with pictures on their website and so do many of our service companies. You will impress them if you have only been talking to a voice but you arrive and immediately know and use the name of the individual serving your account.

Exercise brings air into your system.  Your body and brain especially, needs air to refresh those neurons and unclog your memory.
Individuals with COPD suffer from a lack of fresh air to move out moods and emotions that are negative.  Tobacco can poison the mind and clog up the positive emotions that can make our lives more livable.  Patience and peaceful reactions to life as we age are essential to happiness. Remember you are not alone if you are involved in helping others achieve happiness.


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