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Sunday April 21st 2019



Editor’s Notes

As you look at Shell Knob’s Bridgeway Plaza and the local grocery store, Harter House, we see new owners and new businesses.  Let’s think about the immense financial and physical investment these individuals have made to be a part of our Shell Knob community. Why not try stopping by with a friendly “hello”? Too often our first encounter is to ask them for a donation or to put up a fundraising poster. Let us try to walk in their shoes and be more understanding. Buying local is good for all of us as it puts tax dollars back in our community. I have shopped here for 10 years. Not one of those stores I shopped wouldn’t bend over backward to help me find what I needed. Meek’s is a good example, their catalogs are large and delivery time is usually less than three days. My latest need was something for my suffering left foot. The toes were hurting miserably. I had Googled and Amazon-ed it for half a day with no luck. Stopping by our Plaza Pharmacy I inquired about this elusive toe bandage/device. She didn’t know what it was called but she promised to look for it. The Pharmacist took the time to listen to my story of pain and when I went back in the next day to pick up my refill that little toe insert/ bandage was in my sack. They have daily deliveries from Springfield.  This comment is not meant to be preachy or self- aggrandizing. Really, it is meant to say once again that Shell Knob is a special place where people value one another. If you have a special story to share please share it with us.  My email is or log on to this news blog, get a username and password and share that story with us.


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