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Sunday April 21st 2019



Editorial with Regard to Recent Shooting Incident in Alexander, VA

It makes sense in today’s society to be prepared and alert.  Currently we see individuals that are disrespecting our basic freedoms.  They have lost their respect of being free, responsible, for living in America.  They have been stirred by personal biases, media sensationalism, and prejudices that have permeated their beings. Somehow they have lost sight of a belief in freedom.  Freedom requires self-respect as well as respecting your fellow man, woman and child.  I was born in Texas and those ideals of respect were bred into children’s psyche.  My parent’s both owned guns and periodically visited a shooting range.  They took pride of those tools and kept them in working condition. They considered them essential in maintaining a safe home and safety when traveling.  I was taught to respect these guns and did not ever consider touching them without adult supervision.  Needless to say my mother and father had a great deal of pride in protecting our home and personal belongings.  Our neighbors had guns and took pride in that fact.  It is true that this was several years back.  I recently visited my old neighborhood in Texas.  For the most part, those ideals and respect still were alive in the neighborhood.

Here in Missouri, my neighbors are hunters and fishermen and know well the use of firearms.  They respect their guns and their neighbor’s right to own guns and that ideal of being an American and taking care and respecting your neighbor.  If you fear guns you need to examine that fear.  Perhaps your experience is different from mine. Democracy isn’t free.  We have to be actively protecting our homes and ourselves. We need to be aware,  avoid foolish individuals, and vote for those that perpetuate our ideals of being free. We need to put responsible people in charge of monitoring our safety. We need to vote dollars to support those people. Many  law enforcement people are paid less than a beginning teacher. Both are very important individuals essential in continuing our democracy.  We need to give them our our respect.  Do not judge them until you walk in their shoes.

Culturally we have been burdened by too much information.  When we have made statements, do we add a judgement of the person or event?  Does this lead to violence?  The actions of the shooter should be investigated.  Mistakes that have been made should be analyzed. We need to be proactive.  Democracy Demands It.



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