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Sunday April 21st 2019



Shell Knob Chamber News written by Twila

April 7th & 8th     Chamber Home & Business Show            Friday 5pm – 8:30pm Saturday  9am – 3pm                      S.K. School Gymnasium

  • Contracts/Applications have been mailed.  Please call to confirm your booth space if you have not already.
  • We will be making calls next week for sponsorship of “Shower of Flowers”.  Last year 36 plants were given away!
  • If you are a new member and interested in participating, please call the office.
  • If you are available for set up and/or take down please call the office
  • We would like to have a job fair on Saturday the 8th, 10am – 1pm.  Those businesses that are looking for at least summer help and would be interested in participating please call the office.
  • The Trout Pond is returning this year. We are also hosting a booth for Ozark Water Watch.  They will have directions and containers for both Barry and Stone County Health Dept for water testing, well and septic information and other projects they are working on to assist in keeping Table Rock Lake clean.   We are working with CCFD and other Emergency Services to have a booth for disaster planning.  I recommend everyone take time to stop at this booth for valuable information.

May 13th             River Bassin Trail – Kayak Fishing Tournament

  • The Chamber of Commerce is helping to sponsor a kayak fishing tournament.
  • Check out their website for more information on how it is organized and ran.
  • Resort and campground owners that would like to participate in offering a “package deal” or discount, please notify the office this week.  Your information will be put on their website for applicants to call and make reservations. We will give them a code to use so that you will know they are with the tournament and are eligible for your deal.
  • They say attendance can be 60 – 120 participants in the tournament.  We believe the number will probably be closer to 60.    Event organizer Drew Gregory has said that participants usually bring family along for the trip. This is an excellent way to market our area to new people and possibly get them to return for vacation!

This weekend is the last of the scheduled boat shows for spring.  I want to thank everyone who volunteered to help us out this year. We have plans to attend the Kansas State Fair in September this year.  If you think you could give a day or two for that it would be helpful.

I am sure that you have heard or seen the businesses or owners that are coming soon.  Michael Bradley’s Timberoc Grill is working towards a March 1st opening.  A new gun shop will be opening where the Keller/Williams Realty Office was in the Plaza, and Cindy and Ken Hedgpeth will be the new owners of Treasure’s in March.  We wish Susan the best and thank her for contributions to the Chamber and the Community. Look forward to working with Cindy and Ken.

I am scheduled to receive supplies for this year’s Shoreline Clean Up Day (April 1st) on Monday, March 13th.  Stop in the office to pick up supplies and sign- up sheet.

Melanie Ashby – Economic Development Committee Chair is working out a schedule with Missouri State University SBTCD to schedule additional classes for us.  These classes will concentrate on social media. i.e. Facebook, twitter, website, etc.   We will notify you as soon as the dates/classes are set.

Enjoy the beautiful weather,


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