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Monday December 17th 2018



Methodist Church Service Time Change and Hospitality for ALL!

From the Pastors Desk

31 January 2017

This Sunday February 5th at 9:00am we begin our next step in worship by welcoming each other with no strings attached. In order to welcome the people of our community into the life of the church we must first learn to welcome each other. This is an exciting time for the church to grow in ways we never imagined and this Sunday is the starting point.

Hospitality is the way we welcome others into the life of the church so it is important that we remind ourselves of the following hospitality points:

1.    Wear your name tag. If you do not have one call the church office by Thursday noon to have one made. (417) 858-6707.

2.    Greet people who you do not know by saying, “Hi my name is_______”

3.    Take and don’t point. If someone asks where the restrooms are take them.

4.    No one sits alone. If someone is sitting by themselves offer hospitality by asking if they would like you to sit with them.

5.    If you are able-bodied park as far from the entrance as possible to allow others the closer spots.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday for worship at 9:00am.

Pastor Bill Kenagy


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