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Sunday April 21st 2019



Central Community United Methodist Church changes service hours

A Next Step In Worship

Worship is one of the practices that brings spiritual breakthrough. In worship we come together weekly to hear and act on God’s word for us. Our worship leads us to fulfill our mission of making active followers of Jesus Christ and God’s vision for our church to accept people for whom they are with no strings attached so that they can experience the love and grace of Christ.

 At Central Community United Methodist Church we have offered two separate times on Sundays to experience God’s grace. In 2016 we have experienced 15% growth in our overall worship. Our 8:30 service has increased over the last seven years from 36 to 63 in average worship attendance while we have seen our 10:50 service decrease from 55 to 36 in average worship attendance. While many attendance factors affect both our service times, our 10:50 has been the most affected.

 A statement I heard a few years ago that has meant a lot to me is, “We can do more together than we can ever do apart.” I believe that God is calling us together in our worship so that we can reach more people for the sake of the mission. So that we may grow in faith and be better stewards of our resources, beginning Sunday February 5, 2017 we will move to one worship service beginning at 9:00AM with small groups beginning at 10:15AM.

We will be working faithfully over the next three weeks to communicate this next step in worship to the community. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me. How fitting that on this first Sunday together we will share in Holy Communion.

 Better Together for the Mission,

Pastor Bill


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