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Sunday April 21st 2019



Letter to the Editor written by Barbara Dickerson

 Letter to the Editor

Voters were asked last April to support a Library Tax Levy. Because that Tax Levy did not pass the days the Shell Knob library is open, along with all the libraries in Barry and Lawrence Counties were cut to 3 days a week. By cutting the days open, the library has had to cut back on programs and services to our community. It is now more difficult for our local citizens who do not have access to the internet to do job research and job applications, keep in touch with family and friends, rent movies and books, do home work, research, etc. Many weekend tourists who used the libraries internet while here visiting on vacation now have no place to do so, as the library is no longer open on Sat. Many people believe that because of electronic technology that a library is no longer important. Research shows that statement is incorrect. Libraries are more important than ever, especially in small rural communities where even if you are lucky enough to own a tablet or a computer you may not be able to access the internet because you can not afford it, or for other reasons. Please join the Friends of the Library by supporting the Library Tax Levy that will be proposed next April.

       A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.  Henry Ward Beecher

Barbara Dickerson… a Friend of the Library


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