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Sunday April 21st 2019



Marie Bonner, another friend and businesswoman in Shell Knob Missouri

In my past 9 years of full time residence in Shell Knob I have found many unique individuals. When I first discovered this area in 2000 I found the geographic location perfect for the lifestyle in which I wanted to retire to.  But people are the ones that really make this place special.  A few months back I met this lovely lady and my philosophy and her matched when it came to repurposing items that merited further use.  Please visit her Facebook page, go to her Etsy store and check out the lovely designs that she has created.  Recently she had her clothing line featured in a national publication and is a star at what she does.

My Etsy store where I sell them is;

DSCF3020.JPGMarie Bonner

Eco friendly, repurposed unique clothing that is totally individual, tattered and raw look that will never be repeated and for anyone who appreciates something different. Hand sewn often with vintage materials. Woodland wedding dresses that can be worn again and recycled denim.

Background on me;

I was born and raised in Great Britain. I came to the USA in 2009 and now work freelance as a designer. Having spent many years working remodeling homes in the UK. I am familiar with web site, greetings cards, notice/signs, labels, leaflets, and fashion accessories design. Store displays and windows.
DSCF2739.JPGMarie BonnerI hate the wastefulness of today’s life. I love to take things that no one wants anymore, damaged, stained or generally anything considered unusable and repurpose it to create something unique and beautiful.
I often start with only an under slip or camisole and work from there. I use all kinds of things, taking interesting and useable pieces from not just clothes, but tablecloths and doilies, curtains, scarves, jewelry and anything I find that will look good combined with other things. Occasionally I do have to buy new, like tulle for example, that is now available in a range of fabulous colors and sometimes ribbon too. A lot of the fabric and lace used is vintage and I strive to re use whenever possible. I always aim to create a unique item with minimal impact on the environment.
I love ethnic clothing and strive to combine different looks together. I now design and make one off clothing for an individual look. Each item is handmade and unique.


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