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Sunday April 21st 2019



Movie Review-Ice Age 5

Once again, it is the ritual on Sunday night for the girls to go the movies at THE MAIN in Berryville. This time it was to see “Ice Age 5”.  The group that writes the one-liners for these animal comic characters deserve an award for their quickness and spirit.  These movies are not meant for just children.  They are contemporary and entertaining.  The issue of a daughter leaving the nest to marry someone that Dad does not exactly approve of is a perennial one.  Dealing with a meteor plunging towards earth is a bit more intense but handled well by the writers of this version of Ice Age.  I  like these movies because of their comic release and it always turns out well.  I guess that just tells my age. I never have understood the entertainment in being scared to death by a group of Zombies staggering down the road toward me.  So if you need a few or quite a few laughs check this movie out.  The great thing about THE MAIN theatre in Berryville, is on Sunday nights, the tickets are six bucks, the popcorn is great and only cost 2 bucks and drinks start at one dollar.  Oh, did I mention closed captioning for those of us that enjoy checking out what we have just HEARD!


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