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Sunday April 21st 2019



Hot Tempers! Hot weather challenges!

Paula Andersen, editor

In the last few years, the Golden Rule* has been broken a few times around the Old KNOB.  With this dry, hot, heat people are just pushing the envelope by still setting off fireworks.  Doing it late at night,  not thinking of others’ need to sleep, the sick or impaired, or the disruption to the lives of dogs and cats, people will still do this.  After researching this issue for a neighbor, it is true that in Stone County, the law protects the people that live in a city but not so much in the rural areas.  You can call the 911 number, explain the reason for your call and they will transfer you to the non-emergency phone number of the Stone County Sheriff’s Office and then you get to report an incident.  This is called a noise compliant. If there is debris that has not been cleaned up then that too is an issue.   If, after dark, the noise gets to be unreasonable then a Sheriff will  be dispatched.

  • Golden Rule-It is often expressed as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” which is one translation of a Biblical verse, Luke 6:31.

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