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Monday March 19th 2018



Movie Review by Paula

imagesFree State of Jones is a movie of intensity!  Matthew McConaughey portrayed Newton Knight, a man that you see changed by a war that saw his family and friends killed irreverently.  Be prepared for the first seven or so minutes of graphic battle scenes where men are killed, and mutilated by the tragic military tactics of standing and marching into enemy fire. Newton, as a medic assistant is seen running and dragging a wounded man on a gurney through the battlefield. The dirty, bearded face, and filthy clothes make it hard to discern Matthew McConaughey but the actions of a man driven to right a wrong are all there in that one scene.  The rest of the movie is driving home the ideals of Newton Knight; save the good and right the wrong.  The issues of blacks and whites not being able to live together as a family of men and women is not pounded into our minds. Individuals are human and accepted as such by the quality of their actions not the color of their skin.  After the war, Jones County became a bloodbath based of the actions of the Klu Klux Klan.

 Change through the 10+ years of the story is presented with flash forwards into a 1950’s great-great-great-grandson’s attempt to marry his long-time sweetheart,  a white woman and the courts denying it because he is accused of being 1/8 Negro. Mississippi laws were changed because of that great-great-great-grandson’s action.  He took a chance to follow Newton Knight’s beliefs’ to willing defy the law and “right a wrong’.

If you enjoy history, action, and intense drama this is the movie for you. Yes it is two hours long, so be prepared!  Go to the bathroom, get something to sustain you to eat and be prepared for an epic drama.


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