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Monday December 17th 2018



Library Supporters Speak out

See us at Bridgeway Plaza

See us at Bridgeway Plaza

I want to thank those many individuals that voiced their dismay concerning the closing of the Shell Knob Library facility to three days a week.  Questions that seemed utmost in their minds were why were we not informed?  Why this hard result of the people in charge.  Did they not look forward and let us know the seriousness of this situation?  When will it be voted on again? What would it really cost us landowners to continue the daily running of our library?  According to local sources the cost to taxpayers that owned a home  assessed  at a value of $100,000 and had a car the cost would be $57.00.  Now many in this area  have a home assessed at $100,ooo.  Check your tax statement, look at the ASSESSED VALUE not the amount you would sell it for.  The next election will in 2017. Form a group that would write letters to local library or call and obtain as much information that you can.  On Monday, (Library closed) in three hours I counted seven adults and three children come to the library and were disappointed the door was locked.  Ninety-five readers read my last editorial on this topic.  So let us find our voices. If you have something positive to share I will put it out there.



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