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Sunday April 21st 2019



Shopping in Shell Knob

tree04Fun is FOUND in Shell Knob! And Guess what?  It is FREE! 

The weather was slushy and temps were dropping all day long but the companionship was warm for shoppers on the Bridgeway Plaza in Shell Knob.   Why was I traveling out on such a bad weather day?  The excuse was that the dogs needed another package of Peanut Butter Banana treats from the Wee Flee booth located in

Treasures.  I loaded Buddy, Beau, into the Subaru and ventured out.  It was less than four miles and well worth it in time and dollars spent.

Nevertheless, the trip into Shell Knob brought many smiles and laughs from friends and neighbors.  OMG I just broke six rules of grammar that I coached my students against doing in my 20 + years of teaching Secondary English.  So, it is time to stop worrying and take advantage of a cold, wet, Sunday and to share thoughts about our town.

We are surrounded by six Walmart Stores within a 20 miles radius.  Our town stands stoutly with but one Dollar General Store within its town limits.  Notice I did not say city limits.  We are unincorporated and proud of it!  Sorry I was digressing again.

This is to be about a trip to town on the day after Thanksgiving.

First stop was Treasures, a local flea market that has turned into not your typical flea market. It is as individualistic as Shell Knob is and as varied in merchandise as any Super Walmart.  From women’s purses, pots and pans, oil and boat parts, supplies, oil, and belts the variety you will find it there is awesome. The owner, Susan has a delightful sense of taste and an eye for a bargain for her customers. The Wee Flee is located in the first booth on the left and is stocked with homemade healthy treats for my dogs.  Kim and Cliff have created a small world there to deliver the finest in dog and cat supplies. While picking up Beau and Bud’s favorite treats I took the time to tour the Christmas gifts that Susan has purchased for her Shell Knob friends.  I enjoyed seeing several friends looking over Treasurer’s items so the trip there was fun and fruitful.

I remembered that my friends Sandy and Errol Dill were at their business, Next Door.  So I went next door to check on an item I had made an offer on the week before.  Sandy had the item for me, adding another thought as to how handy it is to just order or make an offer on something that you want to buy in Shell Knob. Many times you will get it at the price you want to pay.  And I didn’t have to pay shipping or freight charges.

Remembering the ads in The Rattler’s advertising on Tuesday  I went in back of Bridgeway Plaza to see what was happening at our  local art museum, Creative Arts of Shell Knob.  Once again the parking lot contained several local friend’s cars.  I found a parking space easily and was met at the front door with a flood of friendly faces.  There were cookies, food, brownies, and a selection of drinks to warm you.  Jim Hoover’s artistic talents gave me the idea to buy one of his handcrafted ornaments that was designed for a man’s appreciation.  It was just perfect for my son.  The selection of homemade Christmas Ornaments was awesome.  “No Made in China” tags were found there.  There was beauty, heart-warming verses, skilled, and personalized for your gift giving needs.

What more could you ask for?  Walmart doesn’t offer any of these things. Shopping here in Shell Knob you can visit with your friends, discuss things that are personal to our community and share in the celebration of Thanksgiving while looking forward to the Lord’s upcoming birthday.   Thank you LORD for all you have provided for us and the opportunity to share it with others.



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