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Sunday April 21st 2019



LittleTommy’s Dogs Success for Shell Knob

 Jeff Bart,  the owner of Little Tommy’s  Dogs said, “We are now fully open and appreciate the support of the Shell Knob community.  They have really appreciated our opening and have come out with an appetite for our fries and burgers.  Thank you for your support.” Jeff’s Mom, Paula and Dad, Tom, and his sister Shannon have developed a dining traffic pattern with a lot of the locals for a hardy lunch and supper menu. 

  The grill , fryers, and other cafe equipment are all new and so is the inside of the building.  The cafe has been approved as a Safe-Serve facility by the Barry County Health agency.

For a great meal, of   burgers, brats, Chicago dogs, and  some great French fries check out Little Tommy’s Dogs on Bridgeway Plaza.  They will be open seven days a week 9 am to 6 pm.  They are accepting phone orders, and they accept credit cards!  Drop by an pick up a menu and call 858-0267 for carry out orders.


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