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Sunday April 21st 2019



Homeowners Need to Look Closer at Improvements They Have Made to Their Homes

We all recognize the fact that the only constant in our world is change. Change is important to our economic growth and in protecting our most valued possessions. Many insurance companies are looking closer at what they have insured in Southwest Missouri.  Joplin’s disaster, last year’s  storms in and around Branson have put the spotlight on the Ozarks for losses. Currently many insurance companies are in the process of updating their files and assisting customers in recognizing the changes that they have made in their homes and possessions over the last 7-20 years or so. If you have made changes to your home such as new flooring, a new roof, a new kitchen, added an extra room, or added enhanced bathroom extras like a whirlpool tub then you would want those items replaced if you suffered a fire loss or any other catastrophic loss. You would expect full replacement cost from your insurer for those accommodations. But that would be impossible if the insurer was unaware of your additions and changes. If you have not updated your policy with your interior or exteriors changes then you need to have your agent assist you in updating your policy.  Call Ray Ritchey, agent and insurance brooker at 417-858-3747, make an appointment to review your existing Homeowners Policy or to up grade one from another company.  Shell Knob Insurance provides service and appreciates your business!


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