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Sunday April 21st 2019




KNOTS AND KNOBS BY Sue Ann Bell of Golden, Missouri

I visited the Bridgeway Plaza last Thursday in Shell Knob–guess what–they have now put hot pink paint around those large pot holes as you drive into the Plaza on the south side!  Henry said that he thought the paint would probably glow in the dark!  I  don’t think that painting round those holes are going to make them safer!  George thinks that they should have a contest for the person who can come up with the total number of holes–sell a guess or chance for $5 bucks–maybe they could come up with enough money to fix the silly things.  Ha HA!  One new and very nice thing we saw was that the furniture store did–when we went to the Thrifty Closet we saw that they have put down a new “pebble like” covering of theirs and the tax places sidewalk.  It looks great–classy–clean!  We walked down to the gift store, Cabin Fever, and she has just about outdone herself–what a nice bunch of stuff.  I would take home anything from that place–LOOKING GOOD!  Have a safe and fun Labor DAy–George and I will be cookin’ for the kids and floating out back in the cove!


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