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Sunday April 21st 2019



AQUA-Sid Blount Announces Commission Meeting Dates

For the last two weeks many of the Tomahawk Heights neighbors (located near Viola Baptist Church) have been dealing with muddy water spouting out of their water lines, smelly water and inconsistent water pressure.  No one from AQUA sent out a warning or asked patrons to boil their water.  Nor were customers warned about washing their clothes in muddy water.  Nor were customers  informed of any kind of a problem.  The local workers were diligent in their efforts to find a leak of over 50,000 gals over a period of a month.  The residents of the area put up with AQUA trucks driving up and down muddy roads making them hardly navigable looking for a leak, digging with trenchers, and tearing up one homeowner’s driveway 2-3 times.  No phone call from AQUA, no letter, and no information was coming from AQUA.  Why?  This would have been only a common courtesy. If you are concerned about the rising water rates and the lack of concern that AQUA has for its customers then plan to attend the local public meetings in February.  All hearings start at 6 pm, with a  Q &A starting at 5:30 pm.    Please call AQUA for additional information.  Expect a wait and make sure you have your account number in front of you.  Why is that?  It seems lopsided.  We are the ones paying for service. We should be able to talk to a person first–not a computer.  Why is that?

They will be at the following locations on the accompanying date:

Shell Knob -At the Shell Knob Elementary School on February 11, 2010

Reeds Spring-At the Reeds Spring High School on February 10, 2010

Republic-At the Republic Community Center on February 16, 2010

Sedalia-At the Us Army National Guard Armony on February 16, 2010

Warsaw-At the Warsaw High school on February 18, 2010

Jefferson City-At the GOB on February 22, 2010


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