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Saturday April 21st 2018



Accident on Highway 39 South of Shell Knob

Accident on Highway 39
By Paula Andersen
Skid marks show the path through the boulders
The parking lot of Viola Baptist Church was the scene of an accident around midnight on Saturday night. State Highway 39 is known for its’ sharp curves and unexpected corners. There is one of those turns five miles south of Shell Knob, Missouri. Several years ago the Viola Baptist Church placed 12 large boulders in front of its front door and driveway. The idea was to protect itself from wayward drivers and Matthew Ricker in his gray Lexus discovered the merit of those boulders Saturday night. Officer Wilson of the Stone County Sheriff’s office, stated that Matthew was driving alone and misjudged the curve and his speed. He suffered minor injuries as his vehicle scraped through those boulders heading for the churches front door. The front of his car and the right side took a beating and the skid marks were intense.  His seat belt protected him and he received minor abrasions to his neck. There was no alcohol involved in the accident.


Lexus battles Boulders


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