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Sunday April 21st 2019



Most Noteworthy Woman in the Ozarks

This space will be open for the next month for recognizing and then voting on the most noteworthy woman in the Ozarks.  Nationally women like Sarah Palin, Hilliary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Wood’s wife have been in the news.  But let us look to our roots, look at local business women, religious leaders, educators, community leaders, volunteers, mothers and wives that provide sources of encouragement, guidance, and spiritual enlightment for our communities.  Nominations begin today and on the 15th of January we will start voting for 15 days. Include in your post #1 the name of the individual, local address, phone number and #2 limit yourself to three reasons why you think she should win the title of  “Most Noteworthy Woman of the Ozarks”.

Nominations to date;

Frankie Carlin Meyer-Author  of Bushwackers, Visions, Star-Crossed Lovers

Jeannie Jones-Owner -Editor of The Rattler newspaper


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