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Wednesday October 23rd 2019



Haven Has a Pet for You

image.pngMeet Liz, the Haven of the Ozarks Pet of the Week!  Liz is a beautiful three year old girl who is ready to be spoiled and pampered forever.  And does she ever deserve it!  Liz was brought in recently by some kind people who found her injured on the side of the road.  We don’t know what happened to her, but she had gruesome injuries that left bone exposed in several places and a piece of hide carved out of her chest.  The wounds were inconsistent with a dog fight or being hit by a car.  So how did it happen?  We probably don’t want to know, and it hurts our hearts to think about what she has been through.  No matter the situation or how much pain she had to have been in, Liz has been nothing but sweet and gentle.  She has a great attitude and loves everyone she meets.  She just needs to find that loving family to make sure every day from now on is a wonderful one!  Come meet her 9-4 any day of the week or call 417-835-3647 for more information on adopting Liz.


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