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Wednesday October 23rd 2019



Health Care for the Brain

This article has been taken from Dr. Sears files and is available on his website if you wish to add him to your daily emails.

Protect and Regenerate Glial Brain Cells

If drinking orange juice isn’t your favorite, here are three more flavonoids to boost your brainpower.

  1. Apigenin. Animal studies show apigenin protects against symptoms of Alzheimer’s. It also improves learning and memory abilities. And it maintains the integrity of brain cells, boosts brain blood flow, reduces free radical damage and improves brain chemical communication.3

    The best sources of apigenin are parsley, tomatoes, celery, artichokes, peppermint and basil. Or supplement with 25 mg daily.

  2. Morin. This little-known flavonoid can shield your neurons. It also protects those important glial cells I mentioned earlier called oligodendrocytes. A study in the journal Glia found that free radical damage from inflammation was much higher in glial cells not protected with morin.4

    The most bioavailable source of morin is the Chinese White Mulberry — which is actually dark purple. The dried fruit is another good source.

  3. Luteolin. In a Chinese study, luteolin almost completely protected glial cells from free radical damage and inflammation.5 It also improves memory and helps ease depression.

    The best way to get luteolin is through your diet. My favorite luteolin-rich foods include celery, artichokes, beets and herbs like oregano, sage, parsley and basil. Aim to get at least one serving at each meal.


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