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Tuesday August 20th 2019



Wanted An UPWalker Aid-Upright Walker for those with weakening spines

As many that know me three years ago I had back surgery.  I was not happy with the outcome as it left me with a weaken spine. Before the surgery I was walking 2-3 miles a day with a friend.  I am gradually becoming shorter, 1.5 inches to date. I am a volunteer with the Methodist Church Harvest Garden group.  I cannot get around very well because of the uneven ground. I would like to participate more fully in chores like watering the garden and weeding. I need to develop my strength and walking is the best way for the spinal issues I have developed.

Recently I met a woman who was walking very quickly to her car using an device called an UPWALKER. The walker had a place for her to put her computer/tools/books and all she had to do was push it.  The real insight was she was standing almost straight up right.  The lightweight pedestal/chair was really different from other walkers.  Those put a hump in your back to push them forward.  With staples in my spine, I need to stand up and encourage my muscles to strengthen and carry me forward.  This is a plea for any one that has used one or would like to sell, or give one up.  please contact me at 417-342-4599- Paula Andersen.




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