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Monday May 20th 2019



Rain Eases the Temperament of the Soil and Plants

Thank you Lord for that wonderful one inch rain that we received last night. Some individuals on the north side of the lake received 3 inches.  Everyone feels better, there are smiles everywhere and we need to see one another’s smiles. It is free, everyone owns one, and by adding a good morning to anyone you meet makes it a perfect score for your day. If I am down,  I try to smile all the more as it is not for me but for that person. When I was teaching, felt ill and didn’t think I could make the day, I dressed up a bit more than usual. Why, because you feel better on the inside. You smile more, and the mental or physical illness passes away. THINK about it. . . do you enjoy people who are always sick or down? So STEP UP!

Our gardens provide solace for our spirits.  As they grow and multiply we acknowledge that there is a power that looks over us.  Water is the powerful and dynamic element that boosts not only our plants but our spirits.  When I lose a plant or misjudge how much water or potting soil/manure to use I blame myself.   But the real gardener is the Lord.  The performance of our many and varied gardens depends on our attentions and the Lord’s willingness to put sun and water there at the right time.

Shell Knob has been gifted with a new community garden located next to the Methodist Church on the north side of YY.  The group that volunteers to monitor the garden work tirelessly to grow as much foodstuffs as possible.  Most of it is donated to the Food Bank here and the various entities that fed the  food needy in the Shell Knob area.  If you are interested call Betty Ragland or Terri Strack at the United Methodist Central Community Church 417-858-6707.


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