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Monday May 20th 2019



Harter House Grocery Store Honored by Associated Wholesale Grocers

Since April of 2017 we have  noticed the changes going on in the new Harter House grocery store.  Each day held a new surprise with a larger selection and a wider variety of grocery items.  The employees were always friendly but their faces had bigger smiles.  Some were gone on to other challenges but the new ones were alive with energy. They seemed eager to answer questions and share their enthusiasm for what they were doing. The owner, Brad Bettlach was everywhere.  His excitement made shopping a meaningful experience. His smile and hearty handshake created friendships easily.  New meat show cases tempted shoppers to try new things along with new frozen food show cases.  It has been a year now but the same happy and purposeful employees are making shopping a fun experience.  Brad Bettlach has earned the  respect of his employees as a patient, involved,  and knowledgeable owner .  The Shell Knob community has recognized Brad, his wife Angela, and children as a welcome addition to the community.


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