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Monday May 20th 2019



Weather effects GOOD!

You could hear a pin drop down here on the Plaza !  It is 4 pm and it is deathly quiet. I’ve talked to a couple of people who say they are coming down with /or already have a migraine headache. You know what that means. . .barometric pressure is building. Women know what that means. Da Da Dum Dum. Speak softly, and forget the big stick because she can kill with a look! She has a complete loss of patience with loud noises, she is needing a quiet time out, and “do Not Let That Screen Door Slam!’ is another signal! 
I have never seen a man with this sort of thing. If anything they can cause one without even trying. Women are the victims of it. It creeps up the back of their neck and plants itself right in the middle of their forehead. It is rumored that several men who didn’t pick up on the clues later ended up in the garbage can out in front of the house for 24 hours. 

It is 4:30 pm, time to close down, and quietly cross the bridge heading home. Those of you with the headache I will gladly send over some caffeine.  But if you are the one causing the headache I will gladly pray for your poor soul.


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