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Monday May 20th 2019



April 27-29, 2018-Weekend Report from Shell Knob Missouri

We had another wonderful weekend in Shell Knob. Between fishing tournaments, garage sales, Shrine Lady 
Shopping, and plant sales the town was rocking! The Dogwood Trail garden club started early on Friday and had the VFW facility north of town loaded with flowers, planters, and tons of every day items that were clean and ready to use. Shoppers were out on the Plaza as several merchants had put out large signs and specific items for sale. Tickets for the Play sold rapidly and nothing but kudos for the performers at all three performances. Local eateries claimed they did well but the two we selected did not look open or hadn’t opened yet. The Pizza Hut had a great salad bar and a special on 2 pizzas for $5.99 each which was a bargain. Subway had a crowd, lots of people on their deck out back. Our Subway has such a good reputation as being one of the cleanest and has the best servers in two counties. I don’t think anyone had complaints as the weather was awesome. The fishing was good and everyone seemed to have a great time. Crappie was plentiful and small bass was biting something fierce. Around 4 pm there was a massive line of boats/trucks leaving town. People seemed happy with whatever they caught. So God Bless Them. Haven’t heard from Area 71 but in passing Steak Inn they were packed

White Dogwoods are peeking out everywhere! Thank you God for all your good.

Pro-Choice just sent down the winners in the Fishing Tournament this weekend!
30.47 won
Day one Rick Anderson and Clay Pierce
Big Fish 4.42
Tournament went to Brett and Ryan Groetehe
Congratulations to every one who came and gave our fish a run for the money!Go Pro-Choice s



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