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Tuesday August 20th 2019



Step Back, Think, and Question all reports from Sensational News sources

OzarkadvertiserPaula Ozarkadvertiserandersen is feeling concerne


 On Monday when I was returning from Springfield and I had the radio on. I was shocked at the meanness that was being broadcast. It seemed every talk show was shouting cruel and judgmental comments with regard to our American system. I remember Columbine and the first event of school shootings. I cried that night because everyone was saying things like that event was the start of something evil. I still feel that way. People under 65 seem to be critical of everything. That age is just a median because being negative seems to be universal. Younger people spout off “Sure, you are happy because I am paying for your retirement.” That hurts because it isn’t true. If it is then somebody screwed the system. I am still working, helpful in volunteering, and a Christian. But–back to the point, the radio stations, everyone that had a talk show host was blasting America, using inflammatory words to describe acts that were actual legal and professional. Mr. Trump’s lawyer was interviewed and he described the way his investigation was conducted. Quote, “They were polite, handed me the summons, asked for entry and in every way legal in their actions.” Now it was reported on 3 television stations and all but one radio station that he was “Burst in upon!” Not true! His legal files, not possessions were taken. Straight from his mouth. It seems we are in a bad period where language,

media news, and writing has to be super exaggerated, and loaded with sensationalism to get the listener/viewer to pay attention. Please feel free to state your views and add to this.


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