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Wednesday October 23rd 2019



Colder weather causes inflammation issues for older citizens!

Fighting arthritic pain from inflamed tissue cause older citizens (anyone over 55) pain that seems never ending.   Below are recent comments from a survey taken from  Table Rock Lake Citizens.  Several things cause an onset of pain; stressing,  overuse of muscles (loading fire wood, bringing in firewood, and taking on other infrequent tasks),  lifting, and walking too long on the treadmill are only a few (very rare).

Diet, is a very important element in winter health. Foods that are essential in easing the pain are those that force out excess fluids in our system.  The small Halo oranges give you a dose of vitamin C that boost your resistance to contracting colds and aide in releasing inflammation. ( Bill)

Another great inflammation fighter are Binge cherries.  True, they are hard to find fresh at this time of year, but the frozen ones are great in a smoothie.  A bottle of Boost, a cup of  ice cream, or yogurt make a great mid afternoon snack or an evening meal.  Do not eat anything after 6 pm for stomach comfort and better sleep.  (Patti C. )

Another great breakfast are Blueberries in oatmeal (steel cut) is the best. But Blueberries with anything (Halo oranges are good too) is a healthy addition to your diet.  True, this time of year they are expensive if you can find them but frozen ones will work.  They also aid your memory but need to be taken on a regular basis.  Several people say they are using this and claim they have had marvelous results.

Cherry Juice!  Two tablespoons in a half glass of water will energize your brain and aide in dealing with inflammation of joints and muscle fatigue.  You can find this in bottles; pints,and quart size.  These are expensive but one pint bottle usually lasts one month. (Joan H.)


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