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Monday December 17th 2018



Latest Corps of Engineers Rules for Table Rock Lake use and dock owners

From: Kenneth  Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2017 1:10 PM
Shoreline Management Plan

Everyone needs to protest these proposals. These proposals are not good. 

We need to share this will all our friends that have a dock or use Table Rock Lake.

Attached is the new version of the Corp of Engineers Shoreline Management Plan for Table Rock Lake that has come out of nowhere.  They did not even do the focus groups (which they didn’t listen to) like last time.  This has popped up quickly and everyone needs to make their voice known!

Next week (July 31, August 1-2) there will be 3 open meetings that you can go to. Monday—Chateau on the Lake, Tuesday—Shell Knob and Wednesday—Reeds Spring High School.  The Corp will be there between 4pm and 7pm.  Go and share your comments!  Also, you can write comments to the Corp until the end of the month.  Also, again contact Billy Long and Roy Blunt about your opinions (they helped get the last version stopped).

Attached is the Shore plan and it has even more onerous issues than the past one.  You really need to go through it line by line to find everything.  We just talked about it in the Kimberling City Environmental Development Committee this morning.  Layne Morrill said that the Realtor’s Association will be putting out a press release today also.

A few of the biggies that are in this new Shoreline plan:

  • You can no longer park on any public land (corp property)…there will not be ANY parking lots on corp land.  If you are going to park on private property, you will need to provide the corp a copy of a property owner’s lease to allow you to park on their property adjacent to corp property.  This would include any contractors working on a dock could not drive down to the dock with supplies on corp property.

  • No trimming, limbing or topping of any tree (and that now includes cedars) will be allowed on any corp property.  First fine will be $500, but it also is now listed in another part of the plan as a felony.

  • You will only be able to request one modification per entire dock one every 5 years, and the dock must be in at least 8 ft of water

  • All docks will have to be converted to ONLY solar within the next 10 years.

  • The biggest one…and I can’t even imagine how they will enforce this!!  The Corp has decided that the use of the lake has been increasing by 6.2% per year…and they aren’t happy about it.  They want to limit use to basically 1 boat per every 10 acres.  Basically once the lake use per day has hit that limit…no more boats will be allowed.

    • Can you imagine having a resort and telling the people they can’t put in their boat because the ‘boat limit’ has been reached?

    • Can you imagine a fishing tournament that has been planned for a year getting ready to put in and the Corp on the ramp stating the ‘boat limit’ has been reached?

    • Can you imagine the Corp closing all ramps at noon Sunday and anyone driving from Spfd will have to turn around and go home?

We need to make our voice known once again and stop the corp!!! Received from Bernard Dick 8.1.2017


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