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Wednesday September 19th 2018




Notes from the KNOB by Paula Andersen

Weather warnings are out for severe storms this weekend around southwest Missouri.  We are hoping that this doesn't damper the visitors to the Shell Knob Home and Business Show.  Every one has put extra effort into this on as it is the 25th Anniversary of the yearly event.  Approximately 50 booths have sold.  There are several new businesses [...]

Did you feel it? The recent worldwide quakes can be tracked by downloading the government web address

Go to the  for a look at the RING OF FIRE and what is happening in Asia-Africa-Alaska.

Spring has Arrived and Early!

Spring has Arrived and Early!

Due to Reader’s Requests We are Repeating the Earthquake Website Address

If you are interested in tracking the increased earthquake activity around the world use this website  The Ring of Fire has been more active than it has been since the government started tracking earthquake activity.   You can set this web site so that you can designate an area of interest and receive a message when a quake [...]

Volunteers Make Shell Knob a Special Place to Live

National Volunteer Week April 15-21, 2012 by Paula Andersen, Shell Knob, Mo I am a lucky person because I live in a small town that for the most part abhors the conventions of a city government.  There is no stop light to be maintained or police department to give out a ticket for running the light.  There is no sewer system or transportation [...]

Have you ever wondered why. . .?

 Recently the Shell Knob zip code has been inundated with letters from many different insurance companies. I received seven in one week. Then there was the emails from another five or so from AARP, The Hartford, the GEICO gecko, State Farm, Progressive, and AIG. All wanting me to take their comparative analysis test or to allow them to run my [...]

Barry County Election Outcome Sends Message That Voters Want E911 to Stay Open

Barry Co. 911 Sales Tax 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING > Yes 3,272 65%     No 1,786 35%   The additional sales tax to support the E911 system was about a $1.00 a month to each person shopping in Barry County.  The voters were conservative in their thinking on it was needed or not.  The SW Missouri Tea [...]

Readers Need to Know That Yellow Journalism is Alive and SICK in Today’s Internet World

In today’s educated and seemingly well-informed society Internet readers have been subjected to a return to yellow journalism.  This style of writing was used in the 1890’s when newspapers were the major source of news in America.  Editors would insert some type of sensationalism into their stories just to sell papers and to develop their [...]

Missouri-American Water Company Asks for $42,233,952.00 in Rate Increases

It seems that the state of Missouri listens to and caters to the water district providers before they consider the needs of local citizens.  According to a memo from the staff of the Missouri Public Service Commission, a rate case takes eleven months and it cannot take more than that period.  MAWC filed their request on June 30, 2011 just a few [...]

Time is Running Out! January 6, 2012 is the Deadline for Making Your Voice Heard

Time is Running Out!  January 6, 2012 is the Deadline for Making Your Voice Heard

Last month several thousand customers of the Missouri-American Water Company (MAWC) received a comment card from the Missouri Public Service Commission in Jefferson City, Missouri.  If you have not filled out this important document and sent it in, NOW IS THE TIME.  Once again, the owners of our public water service, Missouri-American Water [...]

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