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Sunday April 21st 2019




American’s Fourth of July at Shell Knob Missouri

American’s Fourth of July at Shell Knob Missouri

July 3rd evening's shower at Point 21 on Table Rock Lake made the weather cool, settled the dirt,made the gardens cooler and less thirsty.  The stage is set for a great 4th of July weekend. Campbell Point Marina Camping is full and people are loving the  feeling of a longer weekend.  Campers share everything from advice on how to camp to how [...]


By Fire Chief Rusty Rickard, Central Crossing Fire Protection District Central Crossing Fire Protection District is proud to announce the Missouri Department of Conservation has awarded them a matching funds grant.  Each year the Department of Conservation accepts grant applications from rural Missouri Fire departments for the purchase of needed [...]

This is a New Year and Attitude is EVERYTHING in making it YOUR YEAR!

As a Christian and an American I see that this is GOD'S gift to mankind and living in a DEMOCRACY gives the individual the freedom of choice.  As Americans living in the greatest country in the world we just have to put the TV remote down and take advantage of it! Have a great NEW YEAR! WE CHOOSE how will shall live courageously or in [...]

Some Visitors to Shell Knob Sent Pictures with Comments

Some Visitors to Shell Knob Sent Pictures with Comments

Some of our email customers from Kansas City sent this to NOT! the editor's office.  This is a thought provoking issue in our town.  It is an issue that does need addressing as the image that we project and protect says something about what we value. Spring is within 60 days of coming to the Table Rock Lake area.  It takes time to clean up [...]

November is National and State COPD Awareness Month

The month of November has been recognized as COPD Awareness month in the United States of America. Jay Nixon, governor of the state of Missouri has issued a proclamation to inform the citizens of Missouri concerning the importance of this state and national effort. Awareness is the way to promote breathing health and knowledge of the Chronic [...]

A 360 Old Painting Worth $190,000-Shop Your Local Collectible and Thrift Stores–Might Pay Better Than the Lottery–NO TAXES!

 A little while ago, an 81 year-old Massachusetts man named Leroy was shopping at his local Goodwill when a framed painting caught his eye. Leroy used to be an antique dealer so he was able to estimate that the fame was from the 1800s and worth around $50 and that the painting was probably from around the same period and worth maybe $150, so he [...]

Bridge is MISSING Parts Now, “Don’t Look Ethel!”

Bridge is MISSING Parts Now, “Don’t Look Ethel!”

Progress on the renovation of the Larry Gene Taylor Bridge over Table Rock Lake at Shell Knob is moving at a good pace.  If you are on a boat looking up under the bridge you will be amazed how it looks.  There are no signs of dust or debris as there is this huge blue and gray canvas enclosing all signs of the iron and concrete underpinnings.  A [...]

Shakin’ Thank You!!!! by Clyde Lobb and Vicki Shaffer

Clyde Lobb And Vicki Shaffer       Shakin' in the Shell Fest               Shakin' Thank You!!! Shell Knob, Missouri     Thanks to all who helped make this year’s 7th annual Shakin’ in the Shell a huge success! The Shakin’ Festival would not have happened without the support of Diamond Sponsor Paradise Cove [...]

Ball Field is Transformed in a matter of days into Event Area

Two months ago the Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce purchased the Shell Knob School Ball Park.  At that time the Chamber members had a vision.  They wanted to be able to consolidate  their biggest fundraising event into one area. A giant car show and family events to be shared and support by Barry and Stone county residents.  In the past they [...]

Volunteer Workers Tackled Tough Job with 1000 hours of Labor

Volunteer Workers Tackled Tough Job with 1000 hours of Labor

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