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Sunday April 21st 2019




Local Library to be Limited to ONLY THREE DAYS of Service to our Community an editorial by Paula Andersen

As a child I was lucky that the local library was open six days a week.  It was five blocks from our home and it was safe to walk there. As an only child I took refuge there during the summer months as my mother was always working to sustain us.  In the winter a weekly trip was enough to return and replenish my reading library.  My love of [...]

OK! It is back to work for your local blogger! After back surgery, rehab, and a lot of pain I am ready to start again.

Dear Friends, Thank you for the many cards, flowers and visits during my medical event.  Four new pieces in my spine is virtually painless now.  But I did end up with a foot drop that seems intent on slowing me down.  Perhaps in a year both feet will be functioning properly.  It was good to get home, the dogs were ready for their home turf [...]

Arbor Day Celebrates Trees by Giving Trees to Those Who Donate

I have always known that trees were something special to our planet. That without them there would not be humans as we know them. The beauty of it is that there are so many different kinds of trees in our world.  Trees, like humans require care, love, nourishment and  a space to live in that is not injurious to their growth.  When teaching, I [...]

Watch for Fraud this Holiday Season sent in by Jerry Bauer of the Shell Knob Lions Club

GO "GREEN" AND PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE IT WILL DO SOME GOOD: The Salvation Army Commissioner, Todd Bassett Receives a small salary of only$13,000 per year(plus housing) for Managing this $2 billion dollar Organization. 96 percent of donated dollars go To the cause. The American Legion National Commander receives A $0.00 [...]

Editor’s Note

Having money is a two-edge sword.  It delights you to spend it.  It is fun to enjoy all that it brings to you. On the other side when you lose your ability to earn money, or you discover your savings is not enough for your life style needs, or you suffer a loss in the stock market, your mind, your body, and your loved ones suffer.  You feel [...]


The Cassville Democrat has just printed a special publication featuring our town. Grab your copy and enjoy. The Chamber has extra copies. The advertisers are local businesses and individuals who realize what a special place Shell Knob has become.

Special Service to those that are trying to gain entrance to Bridgeway Plaza during the pavement renovation. . .

If you need to visit any of the businesses on the south end of Bridgeway Plaza park in back and come up the back entrances of the library or any other business that has marked themselves available.

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American Water Boil Alert

American Water Boil Alert

Friends and neighbors. This morning as I came to work, I noticed a small sign buried in grass as I was driving up to the Viola Baptist Church and onto highway 39. The sign said boil water alert--it gave a phone number--which my neighbor Marlene George called.  The call was answered by a man named Sharkra who told her that we had a water main [...]

TODAY! Thursday, August 15, 2013 is the day you want to be at the Methodist Church

Shell Knob and Comunity Residents-- The Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District, is requesting comments on the draft revised Master Plan and the draft Environmental Assessment that describes several alternative plans and potential impacts.  Noon to 4 pm and 6-8 pm TODAY! The church is located on 25682 State highway yy, Shell Knob, Mo Do [...]

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