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Thursday November 21st 2019




The following well-written article explains the need for volunteers and adds more details about amendment 4

  When organizations like the Lions or VFW hold bingo games they need workers. On Nov. 6th we will be able to vote for Amendment 4 to the Missouri constitution which will reduce the waiting time of a member to work bingo from two years to six months.  It also removes advertising restrictions deemed unconstitutional. Please support by [...]

Wanted An UPWalker Aid-Upright Walker for those with weakening spines

As many that know me three years ago I had back surgery.  I was not happy with the outcome as it left me with a weaken spine. Before the surgery I was walking 2-3 miles a day with a friend.  I am gradually becoming shorter, 1.5 inches to date. I am a volunteer with the Methodist Church Harvest Garden group.  I cannot get around very well [...]

Rain Eases the Temperament of the Soil and Plants

Thank you Lord for that wonderful one inch rain that we received last night. Some individuals on the north side of the lake received 3 inches.  Everyone feels better, there are smiles everywhere and we need to see one another's smiles. It is free, everyone owns one, and by adding a good morning to anyone you meet makes it a perfect score for your [...]

The Fourth on the Knob!

It is Friday after the fourth and the town seems remarkably quiet.  The disappointment of not have the big fireworks show seems to have daunted the spirits of some of our visitors and neighbors.  However, those of us with dogs that have super sensitive hearing are okay with the "Quieter" atmosphere.  The fireworks tents seems have brought in [...]

Church enters your life through Gardening

Community Garden - He Walks and Talks With Me written by Terri Strack Modern life is full of many wonders. Technological advances have made it possible for individuals to stay in touch with family and friends like never before. We can even ‘video chat’ with loved ones over great distances. I remember as a child seeing these technologies in [...]

Memorial Day Merchants Review for Shell Knob plus Reading is for Leaders

So far I have made it through 5 businesses on the Plaza and the news has been VERY good.  Traffic was lively, comments overheard over the weekend were like;" I didn't know Shell Knob had such nice stuff, etc.  I have been looking for one of these for two years and here it is. . .    This Harter's is awesome, the people are so nice."  So all [...]

Shell Knob is READY to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend!

Stores and businesses on Shell Knob's Bridgeway Plaza are ready for this great Memorial Day weekend.  Just dropped by "Treasures Then and Now" and Cindy Hedgpeth, owner was excited about  new shipments of Retro, Weird Stuff and Cool Junk.  Now Cindy has a great sense of humor and a husband that can build wonderful stuff for your lake house. [...]

Harter House Grocery Store Honored by Associated Wholesale Grocers

Since April of 2017 we have  noticed the changes going on in the new Harter House grocery store.  Each day held a new surprise with a larger selection and a wider variety of grocery items.  The employees were always friendly but their faces had bigger smiles.  Some were gone on to other challenges but the new ones were alive with energy. They [...]

Weather effects GOOD!

You could hear a pin drop down here on the Plaza !  It is 4 pm and it is deathly quiet. I've talked to a couple of people who say they are coming down with /or already have a migraine headache. You know what that means. . .barometric pressure is building. Women know what that means. Da Da Dum Dum. Speak softly, and forget the big stick because [...]

April 27-29, 2018-Weekend Report from Shell Knob Missouri

We had another wonderful weekend in Shell Knob. Between fishing tournaments, garage sales, Shrine Lady  Shopping, and plant sales the town was rocking! The Dogwood Trail garden club started early on Friday and had the VFW facility north of town loaded with flowers, planters, and tons of every day items that were clean and ready to use. Shoppers [...]

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