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Tuesday November 13th 2018




Colder weather causes inflammation issues for older citizens!

Fighting arthritic pain from inflamed tissue cause older citizens (anyone over 55) pain that seems never ending.   Below are recent comments from a survey taken from  Table Rock Lake Citizens.  Several things cause an onset of pain; stressing,  overuse of muscles (loading fire wood, bringing in firewood, and taking on other infrequent [...]


Don’t spend your summer dealing with pests By Shelley Emling Keeping your kitchen sparkling clean all year long isn’t always easy, especially in summer, when the battle of the bugs really heats up. But you can do it. In addition to making sure counters are wiped down and food and dry goods are stored in airtight containers, try these [...]

Monday’s Humor

My goal for 2017 was to lose just 10 pounds  only 15 to go ... Ate salad for dinner Mostly croutons & tomatoes ... Really just one big, round crouton covered with tomato sauce ... And cheese... FINE, it was a pizza... I ate a pizza How to prepare Tofu: 1. Throw it in the trash. 2. Grill some Meat. I just did a week's worth of cardio [...]

Memory Problems. . .no problem!

Memory Problems. . .no problem!

As we grow in years there is no reason to let your memory fail you.  Certain drugs and alcohol can mess with that brain of yours but drinking in moderation is OK.  Using memory aids will help you in dealing with a drug that is attacking your memory.  A glass of wine before bedtime isn't hurtful but guzzling 3-8 beers is, so take care of you [...]

Monday Morning Ozark Humor

A lady comes home from her doctor's appointment grinning from ear to ear. Her husband asks, "Why are you so happy?" The wife says, "The doctor told me that for a forty-five year old woman, I have the breasts of a eighteen year old." "Oh yeah?" quipped her husband, "What did he say about your forty-five year old ass?" She said, "Your name never [...]

Daily Grit

Faith is taking the first step even if you don't see the whole staircase. So get out there and believe that you are going to be whole and safe and grow through just going and experiencing.

Hot Tempers! Hot weather challenges!

Hot Tempers!  Hot weather challenges!

Paula Andersen, editor In the last few years, the Golden Rule* has been broken a few times around the Old KNOB.  With this dry, hot, heat people are just pushing the envelope by still setting off fireworks.  Doing it late at night,  not thinking of others' need to sleep, the sick or impaired, or the disruption to the lives of dogs and cats, [...]

Shopping in Shell Knob

Shopping in Shell Knob

Fun is FOUND in Shell Knob! And Guess what?  It is FREE!  The weather was slushy and temps were dropping all day long but the companionship was warm for shoppers on the Bridgeway Plaza in Shell Knob.   Why was I traveling out on such a bad weather day?  The excuse was that the dogs needed another package of Peanut Butter Banana treats from [...]

Thank you Jeff Foxworthy

You Might Be A Redneck You keep a can of RAID on the kitchen table. The Home Shopping operator recognizes your voice. There has been a crime-scene tape on your bathroom door. You think a chain saw is a musical instrument Birds are attracted to your beard. You've raked leaves in your kitchen.

Anomalies from the Ozarks

 Anomalies, Three friends Ray, Cupps, and Paul were sitting in Terry’s Diner.  It was raining so the talk was at a minimum.  Paul said, “When you are in your casket and your friends and church members are mourning over you, what would you like them to say?” Ray said, “ I would like them to say, I was a wonderful husband, a fine family [...]

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