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Thursday June 22nd 2017



New Business in Town! Bridgeway Plaza is growing and it offers something for guys and gals! Check out our advertisers.

Laveda Berry, Don Berry, owners of Keep Fishin’ and Keep Catchin’ and Manager, Cliff Harmon

Don Berry’s Keep Fishin’ and Keep Catchin’ Bait and Tackle is the newest and most tackle-stocked business in Shell Knob.  The business is based on a fishing family joining forces with a spirit and wine sales representative and the result is a tackle store which provides anglers with every item they will ever need to catch the big ones and a huge selection of beer, wine and liquor for the spirit connoisseurs.

Don, an expert fisherman, retired educator and fishing radio show personality  and his wife, LaVeda, a former manager of PFI Western Store in Springfield and a retired educator, started their adventure into the world of retail fishing tackle and spirits with an aggressive attitude.  “Being in the fishing tackle business seems like the best way to extend our fishing family to even greater heights and we are absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to serve Shell Knob and the surrounding Table Rock Community.”  Berry has experience in B.A.S.S. and FLW circuits as well as many regional and local tournaments where he has qualified for numerous “championships”.  Berry has also interviewed over 800 guests on the radio show that bears his name every Wednesday on JOCK 98.7 f.m..

While Berry has extensive experience in Professional Tournament Fishing, hosting Don Berry’s Fishin’ Radio Show for over seventeen years, serving as Tournament Director and founder of the Ozark Mountain Team Trail and former publisher of ReSpoolin’ Magazine, the fishing tackle business is a new adventure for Berry and his wife.

Cliff Harmon, former wine and spirits sales representative for Country Fresh Market in Shell Knob, shares some of the same fishing interests as Berry.  “Harmon’s experience is second to none in this community and we expect Cliff’s ability to take care of his customers better than anyone else is why Harmon has been named Manager of the new store”, escalated Berry.

Harmon says it is very important to have a well rounded assortment of spirits on hand at all times, but it is just as important to know your customers as well as your product.  He formerly spent the last five years buying lures, bait and tackle while keeping the shelves stocked with a variety of liquors at Country Fresh.  “While managing a large inventory at Country Fresh, I was able to establish an understanding with a  number of clients that had special requests and I hope they will follow me here as I will be willing to address their needs for their favorite spirits and wine.”

Keep Fishin’ & Keep Catchin’ Bait & Tackle will have its doors open by July 1, and everyone is invited to come check out the outstanding line-up of brand name fishing lures, rods, reels and spirits.  The new business is located at 24899 Bridgeview Plaza next door to Treasures and the Laundromat and will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week.  A “Grand Opening” will be planned for a later date and the owners are looking forward to being active members of the Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce.


Senior Center Breakfast Saturday morning at the Senior Center @8 am


Another special event this weekend June 16,17th, 18th, 2017

Want  to see something special this weekend?  A lot of planes will be landing at our airport northeast of town,  an 8 am breakfast will be served for $5.00.  Judy’s fly-in are a lot of fun.  Kids love seeing these planes up close.  Call for additional directions.

June 17 – Shell Knob, MO – Turkey Mountain Airport (MO00) 8:30 – Noon; Judy’s famous $5.00 “Omelet in a Bag” breakfast fly-in. For additional information call: Judy at 417-858-6345; Cell 417-671-1832 This event will be in the hangar just off the south parking area ** Note CTAF 122.9 ***Note follow this event with lunch at CarrollCounty ***


Want to have some Fun! Don’t Ski, don’t boat, enjoy fresh food?

Join us for fellowship

Just enjoying the day and the fun

Looking for a thrill! Seeing something new! Something practically free!  Something good for your body?  All of us need exercise, Vitamins D, C, and Calcium.  Purchasing these items is expensive and most of us forget to take them.  We live in an older community that is generally known to be practical and conservative. Therefore we look for things to do that are inexpensive, and beneficial to our community.  If that thing is fun, healthy, then it is truly a blessing. You can obtain all these things by joining us at the Harvest Community Gardens adjacent to the Methodist Church on highway YY. This is the first year for this enterprise and eight individuals have already joined us in experiencing the fellowship and fun planting of gardening. Water is free and your garden plot is $20.00 for the summer.  Extra vegetables will be donated for those needing fresh garden items in their diet.   For additional information, call Betty Ragland, Paula Andersen, or Terry Stracke secretary Methodist Church. 858-6707


Set your alarm! Don’t Miss IT! The Annual Methodist Church Garage Sale

You don’t want to oversleep for this one!  Friday morning at 7 am you will have the opportunity to obtain something you need, inexpensively and support the community with dollars donated to serve those in need.  Come early to get the best deals and on Saturday morning you will be able to purchase a bag full of items for 3 dollars.  The church is currently loaded with good, clean items ranging from appliances, books, records,  clothing, cooking essentials, tools, garage items, dishes, bedding, and “you name it” they probably have it at this time.

Friday’s hours are 7am to 4pm and Saturday’s 7am to noon.
If you have items you would like to donate, come by or call, or bring them to the church on the north or left side of highway YY if you are heading east. Call Terri at 858-6707 for additional information.


Editorial with Regard to Recent Shooting Incident in Alexander, VA

It makes sense in today’s society to be prepared and alert.  Currently we see individuals that are disrespecting our basic freedoms.  They have lost their respect of being free, responsible, for living in America.  They have been stirred by personal biases, media sensationalism, and prejudices that have permeated their beings. Somehow they have lost sight of a belief in freedom.  Freedom requires self-respect as well as respecting your fellow man, woman and child.  I was born in Texas and those ideals of respect were bred into children’s psyche.  My parent’s both owned guns and periodically visited a shooting range.  They took pride of those tools and kept them in working condition. They considered them essential in maintaining a safe home and safety when traveling.  I was taught to respect these guns and did not ever consider touching them without adult supervision.  Needless to say my mother and father had a great deal of pride in protecting our home and personal belongings.  Our neighbors had guns and took pride in that fact.  It is true that this was several years back.  I recently visited my old neighborhood in Texas.  For the most part, those ideals and respect still were alive in the neighborhood.

Here in Missouri, my neighbors are hunters and fishermen and know well the use of firearms.  They respect their guns and their neighbor’s right to own guns and that ideal of being an American and taking care and respecting your neighbor.  If you fear guns you need to examine that fear.  Perhaps your experience is different from mine. Democracy isn’t free.  We have to be actively protecting our homes and ourselves. We need to be aware,  avoid foolish individuals, and vote for those that perpetuate our ideals of being free. We need to put responsible people in charge of monitoring our safety. We need to vote dollars to support those people. Many  law enforcement people are paid less than a beginning teacher. Both are very important individuals essential in continuing our democracy.  We need to give them our our respect.  Do not judge them until you walk in their shoes.

Culturally we have been burdened by too much information.  When we have made statements, do we add a judgement of the person or event?  Does this lead to violence?  The actions of the shooter should be investigated.  Mistakes that have been made should be analyzed. We need to be proactive.  Democracy Demands It.



Meet Essie, the Haven of the Ozarks Pet of the Week!

Displaying essie.jpegMeet Essie, the Haven of the Ozarks Pet of the Week!  Essie is an older kitty at nine years, but cats can live to a very old age with good care.  She came to us over a year ago when her owner could no longer care for her.  She spent a lot of that time as a pretty shy lady but recently Essie has become extremely friendly.  She seems particularly fond of men and is very affectionate.  Essie has also lived with both dogs and other cats.  She loves laps and being held and would appreciate being back in a real home where she gets more attention than we’re able to give her at the Haven.  You can meet her at the Haven any day of the week from 9-4 or call 417-835-3647 for more information.  Please help us get this beautiful and sweet girl a forever home!

Haven of the Ozarks 

9617 Farm Road 2190
Washburn  MO  65772
 Hours: 9am-4pm, 7 days a week
9am-Noon on Holidays



DUE BY Friday, June 16th FOR week of (June 21st – June 28th)


A presentation By Lauren

From Hospice Compassus

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Wednesday, June 21st 11:45


Shell Knob Strings

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Thursday, June 22nd 11:15-12:30


Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Monday, June 26th

Please call for an appointment



A Presentation by Susan Rausch

From Oxford Health

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Wednesday, June 28th 11:45


Women, Infants, & Children

Central Crossing Senior Center…All Ages Welcome

Wednesday, June 28th

For information or an appointment

Call 417-847-2114


Shell Knob Public Library News

Jennifer Cochran, is a Branch Supervisor of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library system. Her hobbies are photography and her children’s sports.

June 5th , 2017

By: Jennifer Cochran

Shell Knob Public Library

News and Information

The Shell Knob Library would like to say Thank You to Diane Mansfield for letting us display her woven baskets. They are very unique. I hope everyone gets a chance to stop by and enjoy viewing them.


Summer Reading dates to remember:

June 14th Legos with Kara

June 21st Magic and Ventriloquism

June 28th Discovery Center

All Programs are free to the public and start at 10:00 a.m.  If you would like to register for the Summer Reading club, you may do so at any time.  We will be having things for all ages.  

Crochet Class

We will be having a weekly Crochet classes on Fridays at 2:00p.m. Classes will last for an hour. There is no fee but you will need to bring your own supplies. Come join in on the fun!

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library meet on the first Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. in the lower level of the Library.  Everyone is welcome.  

New Titles:


Two from the Heart (LP) by James Patterson

The Survivor by Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills

Golden Prey by John Sandford

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins


Non Fiction

Building Sheds by Joseph Truini

Amish Community Cookbook by Carol Roth Giagnocavo

Un-Junk Your Diet by Desiree Nielson, RD.

 Biography—Robert E. Lee

A Fine Romance

The Red Turtle

The Shack


Shell Knob Friends of the Library Book Sale

Jennifer Cochran, is a Branch Supervisor of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library system.  forward to meeting my Shell Knob neighbors. ” Her hobbies are photography and her children’s sports.

We’ve had a lot of questions about this year’s book sale and book donations.  Yes, we are having a sale this year in August:  The Eclipse Book Sale.  We are planning on hosting it Friday evening and Saturday, August 18 & 19.
The Friends cannot accept book donations until 2 weeks before the event.  We will have someone available during library hours to take donations in the lower level from August 4 – 16.  If you’d like to volunteer for a shift, please let us know.
Be sure to tell your friends to get their book donations ready to go.  We will accept gently used books and CDs or DVDs.  Sorry, we cannot accept textbooks or encyclopedias, VHS or cassette tapes.  More information on this event will be upcoming – so watch your email or Facebook for updates!   Happy reading!
 Best Regards,

Shell Knob Friends of the Library

President – Karen Foster
Vice President – Danasia Hayes
Secretary – Barb Dickerson
Treasurer – Jennie VanHook
Social Media Administrators – Danasia Hayes/Jennie VanHook
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